Six Months After Acquisition, Magnify Rebrands And Relaunches As Waywire

Last fall, Magnify acquired Waywire in an effort to create more efficiency around video curation. The idea behind the acquisition was to combine the former's enterprise video curation business with th

How Money And Politics Brought Waywire And Magnify Together

It's official: Today, New York City-based startup Magnify has acquired Waywire, the once-hyped startup founded by <a href="

Magnify Is Buying Waywire To Build A Consumer-Facing Video Curation Powerhouse

New York-based video startup Magnify is in the process of acquiring Waywire, the company that Cory Booker founded, to build a consumer-facing business around the curation of videos online. The deal is

Magnify Teams Up With AOL To Bring Curated, Premium Video Content To Publishers

Many sites want to offer video, but they can't afford their own studio or a quality video production team. Magnify entered the picture in 2007 to give publishers and brands the opportunity to offer cu

Magnify Brokers Deals To Run Ads Inside Embedded Videos

<img src=""> From an audience perspective, the ability to embed videos on other sites is what expands their viewership and makes th

Magnify's New Blogging Plugin Tries to Make Multimedia Simple has introduced a plugin for Movable Type and WordPress that attempts to minimize the effort required to add multimedia content to a blog. is a video discovery and broadcast pla

Magnify Gives Birth to VidyUp: First Release Based on YouTube's New APIs

A few weeks ago YouTube released a more powerful set of APIs that allow web developers to create services that upload, watch, search, and comment on videos remotely. Magnify, the video channel service

Magnify Wants to Turn Video Channels Into Social Networks. Good Luck.

Does everything need to be a social network? Apparently it does., a video-hosting and sharing platform that raised $1 million in February, is adding social networking features to its video