magnetic tape

  • Hitachi Maxell develops magnetic tape cartridge with 50TB capacity

    Just in January this year, we reported about a very special magnetic tape that was developed by Fujifilm and IBM and that stores a whopping 35TB of data. But yesterday Hitachi Maxell has announced that its new high-capacity magnetic tape even offers 50TB. No wonder Maxell and and its partner in the development of the tape, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, are speaking of a “world… Read More

  • Fujifilm and IBM develop magnetic tape that stores 35TB

    Fujifilm and IBM today announced they jointly developed a technology that makes it possible to store 35TB of data on a single magnetic tape. The companies say the tape can store the “text of 35 million books, which would require 248 miles (399 km) of bookshelves”. 35TB is about 44 times as much as previously possible. Read More