CrunchDeals: $78 Magnavox Blu-ray player

<img src="">Most Blu-ray players are resting comfortably well north of the $100 mark, but not this Magnavox. It's only $78 an

CrunchDeal: $98 Magnavox Blu-ray player at Walmart

<img src="">Who wants a cheap <a href="">Blu-ray</a> player? That's a dumb question

CrunchDeals: Target offering HDTVs for under $200

<img src="" alt="" />Let’s not get too excited here, but starting this Sunday, Target will have a 720p HDTV on sale for

CrunchDeals: Full home theater system, with 37-inch LCD HDTV: $629, no rebates

I featured this buyer-made combo below in the Black Friday round-up, but it was so good I figured it deserved its own post so it wasn’t overlooked. Target is selling two items that, when put tog

The Futurist: From Lucky-Goldstar to LG, or… Brands That Change With The Times

Biggs and I were talking shop awhile back and I mentioned that it was as if, sometime in the past decade, LG and RCA had a Freaky Friday-like switcheroo. As anybody over the age of 10 likely recalls,