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  • Apple Patent Improves The Mouse With Force Detection And Haptic Feedback

    Apple Patent Improves The Mouse With Force Detection And Haptic Feedback

    Apple has a new patent application with the USPTO (via AppleInsider) for a better mouse that is far more sensitive to how much pressure a user applies with each click, and provides them with haptic (read: vibration) feedback to let them know what kind of input was registered when they clicked. The mouse design would make it possible to click with less force to perform actions like selecting a… Read More

  • MA-Touch1: Sanwa's Magic Mouse Clone For Windows PCs

    Apple’s Magic Mouse has obviously inspired Japanese accessory maker Sanwa Supply: the Tokyo-based company is offering the MA-Touch1 [JP], a wireless mouse with a multi-touch enabled top shell. The main (technical) difference is that the Sanwa mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth but works via a wireless USB connection instead. Read More

  • The Mouse Is Dead. I Just Killed It. Now Can We Move On?

    The Mouse Is Dead. I Just Killed It. Now Can We Move On?

    This morning when I wrote a post about Apple’s new Magic Trackpad, I knew it would be a little controversial. After all, I basically said that it was the beginning of the end of the mouse — a device that everyone reading the post probably still uses for a good chunk of their computing on a daily basis. But I didn’t expect what I said to be that controversial. To the point… Read More

  • Apple's Magic Trackpad Signals The End Of The Mouse Era

    Apple's Magic Trackpad Signals The End Of The Mouse Era

    Easily the most interesting thing Apple unveiled today is the new Magic Trackpad. Essentially, it’s a larger version of the trackpads that ship with each MacBook and MacBook Pro. But it’s a stand-alone product, meant to be used with desktop computers. So why did Apple feel the need to make such a product? It’s about trends and the future. “Looking at the big picture… Read More

  • Apple's Magic Mouse: fixed at last

    I handle a lot of mice in this job (right now I’m using the Mionix Naos 5000) and I have to say that if a mouse were, like the Magic Mouse, shaped completely wrong for human hands, I would throw it away and never speak of it again. Others, while perhaps more crafty, are far less principled, and will go so far as to fabricate a silicone crutch to rest their hand on. There, I fixed it! Read More

  • Did You Get A Magic Mouse This Holiday? Download MagicPrefs Immediately.

    Back in November, I wrote up a review of the new Magic Mouse, noting that it was “Apple’s best mouse ever, but…” Essentially, the problem is a software one. Apple gave its new mouse multi-touch capabilities, but only takes advantage of a fraction of what it can do. (And yes, it’s fully multi-touch capable.) A new third-party program called MagicPrefs, enables all… Read More

  • Magic Mouse Works Fine For Multi-Touch Unless You're The Six-Fingered Man

    Earlier, in my review of Apple’s new Magic Mouse, I expressed my confusion as to why Apple wouldn’t incorporate more multi-touch gestures on the device. Certainly, a part of it is the way you hold the thing, but it seems that something like a double and triple finger click would be easy enough. One commenter wondered if there was some technical reason with the multi-touch… Read More

  • Magic Mouse Is Apple's Best Mouse Ever, But…

    After much trial and tribulation, I finally obtained Apple’s new Magic Mouse last week. Following its release, the $70 device was so popular that practically every store in the Bay Area was sold out of them for much of last week even though most were getting new shipments every morning. Supplies remain tight online where Apple is showing a 5 to 7 day waiting period and Amazon is showing a… Read More