• Magellan embiggens GPS line with new 7-inch RoadMate 1700

    Giant-fingered technology enthusiasts, lift up your hearts! Magellan has a 7-inch GPS system on the way: the $299 RoadMate 1700. The touchscreen has a resolution of 800×480 and there’s a video input jack so you can hook up your iPod or DVD player. Sounds safe! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Magellan 3140 GPS unit for $50

    Can’t find your way out of a paper bag? Poke a hole in said bag with your finger and then tear it open and step out. Simps, done. Can’t find your way around town? You can get a refurbished Magellan GPS unit for $50, which is a good price since the entire GPS infrastructure is apparently about to crumble in the next year or so. You don’t want to sink too much money into a… Read More

  • Magellan jumps the consumer GPS boat

    Magellan is moving past the highly competitive consumer GPS market. The entire sector will be sold off to MiTAC International, the folks behind the Mio GPS brand, at the end of January ’09. The future of Magellan’s three brands, RoadMate, Maestro, and Triton, is unclear but one thing is for certain: there are way too many GPS options available. Sure, everyone should have… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb Magellan 1200 GPS for $69.99

    Now I know this Magellan RM 1200 GPS unit is refurbished, but hear me out. First, it’s only $70. Second, it’d make a good gift. And third, it comes with a one-year warranty just like a new one would. Other stuff includes maps of the lower 48 plus Puerto Rico and Hawaii, 3.5-inch 320×240 touchscreen, 1.3 million points of interest, SD card slot, and a rechargeable battery good… Read More

  • 2008's Black Friday to have $99 GPS units and $149 Blu-ray players

    Ah, Black Friday. After working at Circuit City from 2000 to 2006, I don’t care how good the deals are, I’m sleeping in that day. This year is shaping up nicely though if the $99 GPS and $149 Blu-ray player rumors are true. Reportable, the GPS units are going to be top tier units from Garmin, TomTom, or Magellan and the Blu-ray player should be the Samsung BDP-1500. Still, I… Read More

  • Magellan, Primordial ensure you won't get lost in the woods

    [photopress:megprim.jpg,full,left]Today, Magellan announced a partnership with Primordial to bring consumers a better off-road routing experience that shows you natural and manmade obstacles. It will help you avoid dense forests, lakes/rivers, steep inclines and anything else nature has to offer. Primordial’s unique and patented Ground Guidance software will be integrated into… Read More

  • Magellan Triton GPS Series Kicks It Up A Notch

    I’ve always been good with direction and I’ve never seen the point of owning a GPS. As tedious as it is to jump on the computer and check out GooMaps for directions before taking off on my adventures, it is cheap and relatively free. I don’t even bother printing out directions, I just write them down. But the Magellan Triton series is certainly changing my mind. I’m… Read More