• So Mafia games are really popular?

    I guess Mafia games are a big hit these days. Zynga’s Mafia Wars, a multiplayer game that’s playable on social networks like Facebook, as well as the iPhone, has attracted some 4 million gamers to its clutches. (This, despite the fact that it’s more or less a rip-off of the earlier Mafia Life game.) Part of the game’s success, I think, can be attributed to the fact… Read More

  • Nordic Link interviews Carl Freer of Gizmondo (Yes, that Gizmondo)

    [photopress:Carl_Freer_och_Mikael_Ljungman_002med.jpg.jpg,full,center] Some of you might remember Gizmondo as the almost-vaporware-like handheld gaming device that was the brainchildfart of some Swedes, notably Stefan Eriksson, who later totaled a rare Ferarri Enzo almost exactly two years ago today. Now more details are emerging about Gizmondo’s rumored comeback, sans Eriksson, and it… Read More