• MadeIT Can't Make It In Invites, Switches To Online Ticketing

    MadeIT, a San Francisco-based startup we profiled over a year ago, is leaving the crowded space of event planning and invitation applications and entering the equally-crowded space of online ticketing service providers. CEO Stephen Weir told me that the reason for the new direction is simply an economical one. More specifically, he stated that he took a good look at the balance sheet earlier… Read More

  • Bootstrapping Event In San Francisco – Get The Last Five Tickets Here

    On the evening of March 6, 2008 I’ll be moderating a Churchill Club panel discussion in San Francisco on “Bootstrapping As A Start-Up.” Participants include Sean Byrnes (CEO Flurry), Craig Newmark (Founder Craigslist), Gabe Rivera (Founder TechMeme), and Stephen Weir (CEO MadeIt). The discussion will be around starting and growing a startup without outside funding. This is a… Read More

  • IMThere Joins MadeIt As The Most Recent Attempts To Crack The Event Nut

    Any event based site is basically a social network – they are designed to allow interaction among friends to coordinate virtual or real world activities. The venerable Evite is still the king of online event coordination. None of the recent startups (renkoo, socializr, mypunchbowl and the deadpooled Skobee) have presented much of a challenge. And none of the event aggregators/search… Read More

  • MadeIt Leverages Social Networking to Take On Evite

    Let’s say you want to plan a party or some other get together. You have no shortage of options as to how you can get the word out to your guests. Your most reliable solution is probably just to spam your friends via email. But if you want to create a standing destination for your guests to get more involved with the event ahead of time, you’ll need to set up an website-based… Read More