madden curse

  • Fans to choose next Madden Curse victim

    If I were Jared Allen, Drew Brees, or Reggie Wayne, I’d run screaming from Doritos and EA Sports. Whether you believe in the Madden Curse or not, the fact remains that just about every player that’s appeared on the cover of one of EA Sports’ Madden games has suffered a serious injury or seen his once-dominant playing ability severely decline. So for Madden NFL 11, Doritos and… Read More

  • EA lines up two NFL players for Madden Curse

    Whoa, hey there, looks like not one, but two NFL players are next in line for the dreaded Madden Curse. EA Sports has revealed that both Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald will appear on the cover of Madden NFL 10, which ships on August 14th this year. Read More