Twitch partners with indie music licensing group Merlin

Twitch will strike up a partnership with independent digital music licensing group Merlin, marking the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform’s latest effort to get cozy with the recording industry

Boom! Snicker, Snicker: Spy vs. Spy Comes To The iPhone

If you were a gamer from a simpler era, you'll remember <em>Spy Vs. Spy</em> with nostalgia. The game, based on the Mad Magazine comic, featured two spies trying to collect items in an embassy while b

Mad Magazine going quarterly

<img src="">This April will bring the 500th issue of Mad Magazine and, starting with that issue, the publication will be moving from monthly

Gates sends angry e-mail, sounds just like a customer

The Seattle P-I has tracked down an old e-mail from 2003 that Bill Gates sent out to members of the Windows Usability team. The pages-long e-mail message chronicles Gates’ attempt to download Window

Phil Torrone tours Mad Magazine, I wallow in nostalgia

Q: Is that a drawing by Al Jaffee? Back in the late 80s my Dad and I took the train in from my Aunt’s house in New Jersey to walk through Manhattan. There are two things I remember about that tr