MacBook Air: The world's thinnest notebook

[photopress:TEMP_Image_2_4.jpg,full,center] Here she is, the Mac laptop that had us all buzzing these past few weeks, the MacBook Air. What is it, exactly? And what’s with the Air monkier? • S

iTunes Movie Rentals: $3.99 new releases, 24 hour rental period

The iTunes Movie Rental Store, rumored for so many weeks, is real, as Mr. Jobs just announced. Here’s what’s up. • Every major studio, including Sony, Warner, Paramount and Universal,

Apple TV, take 2: No PC required, HD movie rentals, Dolby Digital sound

[photopress:imgp4584.JPG,full,center] Apple TV has been a bust thus far, but Apple hasn’t given up on the concept yet. Here’s what Jobs just announced during his MacWorld keynote. • I

Steve Jobs Keynote Live From Macworld

Below is the transcript, in reverse chronological order, from the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld Expo. Thanks for tuning in! 10:44am: Newman stopped talking, Steve thanked everyone for coming, lot

Apple movie rentals rumors intensify, five studios said to be on board

[photopress:macworldrentals.jpg,full,center] The rumors suggesting Apple would begin renting videos on iTunes appear to be true. Bloomberg today cites “people familiar with the agreements”

Apple updates Mac Pro, Xserve: Penryn processors

[photopress:08mp_display.jpg,full,center] A prelude of things to come next week at MacWorld? Apple speed bumped the Mac Pro and Xserve today; both now use Intel’s recently-released Penryn proces

Apple readying for iTunes Tagging-HD Radio push

Announced back in September, iTunes Tagging is a way for listeners of HD Radio to take a song they’ve heard on the radio, mark it with the appropriate metadata (that’s then synced to your

More rumors of Mac ultra-portables at Macworld make us feel funny where our bathing suits cover

So we’re getting close to the end of year, which is followed by the beginning of a new year, and that means a Macworld Expo. Earlier this year, Macworld was the launching pad for what is perhaps

Apple's upcoming sub-notebook to cost around $1,500?

Two things here. First, it’s being reported on CNBC that Apple’s sub-notebook that’s supposed to be launched at Macworld next month "is expected to be priced aggressively at app

Report: Apple bought a truckload of LED backlights, to be used in sub-notebook?

There’s a story in today’s Digitimes that claims Apple has placed an order for 13.3-inch LED backligt units, known on the street as BLUs. What could Apple be doing with a bunch BLUs, say,

Lay off the 'roids, Justine Macworld workout? Seriously? I better get started. *shrug*

iPhone SDK at MacWorld will make us all happier than we've ever been

If the LX hadn’t come along I’d still be fondling my iPhone with a manic intensity. But after updating to 1.1.1 and fearing for my life and my $400, I was almost about to relegate the phon

Mac Found In Temple Ruins Of The East

OK, so maybe these two little gems weren’t found in ruins, but they might as well have seeing as how Mac case mods as extravagant as this one aren’t seen too often. While I was venturing t

E-MU 0404 AudioPod

The E-MU 404 AudioPod is a new USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface with 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and XTC mic/line/hi-Z preamps. Not only are you going to get great sound coming out of the 0404 AudioPod,

Apple TV Hands-On

If you missed our previous coverage of Apple TV, here’s a second chance to take a look at Apple’s new product that changes the way we can experience our digital media. Apple TV features HD

Axiotron Demos ModBook

Now that we’ve all taken in the excitement of the new iPhone, it’s time to take a look at other innovative things going on at MacWorld 2007. The ModBook is an after-market mod kit for your

It's Called MacWorld Still, Right?

, Steve!? Really, I love the new products. And the name change from Apple Computer to Apple, Inc. is great, too. But what about Leopard? What about new portables? What about 8-way MacPros? What about

It's Still the iPhone?!

Holy crap! After an unfathomable amount of speculation culminating recently in the release of iPhone products from Linksys, Apple has finally dropped the ball on the holy grail of the tech industry: t