GSMA to host first ever Macworld Mobile at Mobile World Congress 2011

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">GSMA</a>, the organizers of the annual, massive <a href="http://ww

Can MacWorld – or any tech conference – survive the next decade?

Comic from the great NatalieDee The Grube talks about an Apple-less MacWorld and how it will be a pretty sad show without the regular one-ring circus that is the Steve Jobs keynote but that it won&#82

10 years ago today, Halo debuted at MacWorld

<img src="" />Where were you 10 years ago today? Where were you July 21, 1999, to be redundant? (Me? I can <i>guarantee</i> that I was

Moscone Center gearing up for Macworld

<img src=""> <a href="">Macworld</a> is almost here and in true Apple fashion, the venue is don

Latest Mac Mini rumor: multiple display outputs

<img src=""> My goodness. If the <a href="">Mac Mini</a> doesn't recieve an update n

Slapfight over the Steve's health status

<img src="" /> So Giz posted earlier saying that the real reason for the MacWorld pullout was that <a href="

No Steve Jobs at MacWorld means he's leaving soon, right? Right?!

<img src="" /> As you well know, Steve Jobs <a HREF="

The Apple Expo Paris has been cancelled

Sorry, Euro Apple fanboys. The main Apple event on that side of the globe has been canceled. The company has slowly been pulling out of trade shows, most notably Macworld as of yesterday, so cancel

Personality goes a long way: On keynotes, trade shows, and Steve Jobs

I’m not going to CES this year nor am I going to MacWorld. I’m not doing this in protest or in a misguided attempt to seem “above it all” – we just had a new baby and I d

So now what? Will Apple still bring a netbook or new Mac Mini to Macworld SF?

We just learned that Steve Jobs is not going to give his annual address at Macworld where he generally announces new Apple product. So…now what? Is Apple still going to announce new products lik

Rumors everywhere! Macworld to bring netbook; updated Mac Mini

This is more like it! Apple events always spur rumors, but the build-up to Macworld ’09 has been uncharacteristically quite – except for the iPhone Nano rumor from yesterday.  So here

iPhone Nano rumor restarted with a case mockup

Macworld is mere weeks and there really hasn’t been any substantial rumors besides this one involving a iPhone Nano. Ever since the original iPhone launched, Mac fanboys have been dreaming of

No Steve Jobs Macworld Keynote this year? This can't be right.

The Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote is Apple Fanboy’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day all rolled into an one hour event, but there isn’t one scheduled this year accord

A look back and the iMac: First impressions from 1998

Yesterday we wished happy birthday to the iMac, the personal computer from ten years ago that more or less saved Apple, leading the way to change the computer industry — as well as the music ind

The Macworld trade show in pictures

[photopress:mw08tadess.jpg,full,center] I swear, this is the last Macworld 2008-related thing I’ll write about. Then we can all forget it ever happened. AppleInsider brought a camera, possibly m

GeekBrief.TV #294

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some of the top talkers in the tech world. My all time favorite has to be Patrick Norton. I like him because he talks fast and because he’s got that c

HDMI cables make great Apple TV alternatives

[photopress:cheapappletv.jpg,full,center] Granted, Apple may have dropped the price of its Apple TV while simultaneously adding much needed features (like HD support), but I have a less expensive alte

iTunes Movie Rentals almost made me stop pirating. Almost.

[photopress:movierentalsalmost_1.jpg,full,center] They were this close from getting me to stop pirating movies. Next year, maybe. The just announced iTunes Movie Rentals isn’t a bad deal at all.

iPhone firmware 1.1.3 and you: GPS, movable icons

[photopress:iphone113.jpg,full,right] In his keynote at this year’s MacWorld, Steve Jobs just announced the latest iPod firmware, version 1.1.3. It adds the following features to the phone that

Apple's stock dives during Macworld keynote

[photopress:apple_stock_chart_115.png,full,center] It looks like Wall Street isn’t too impressed with what Steve Jobs has showed off today. Apple’s stock is down some 8 percent today, trad
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