macworld 2010

  • Remember MacWorld? Here's Cali Lewis' look back

    Good thing we didn’t go to MacWorld this year. The show has been petering out and considering the Apple keynote was the biggest thing there – and is now gone – it’s hard to justify the trip. Oh well. Cali Lewis just did her “Best of Show” video – and got a new haircut? – so I present it here for your edification. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: Kevin Smith at Macworld 2010 (VERY NSFW, but VERY funny)

    Forget Steve Jobs, Macworld 2010 featured Kevin Smith who spoke about iPads, the movie industry, and, his new film, Cop Out, as shown in the video above. Please, DO NOT watch this video at work or place of worship. You’ll either be fired or excommunicated. This ten minute clip is just part of his Macworld address but Wired happened to attend for the full thing so be sure to read their… Read More

  • Not able to attend Macworld Expo '10? This 56 second video shows you aren't missing much.

    Macworld Expo 2010 is currently going on and, well, we don’t have anyone on the show floor. It didn’t really make sense to send a crew to cover the conference now that Apple isn’t headlining the event. The whole thing is likely just an iPod/iPhone/iPad case orgy anyway. I kid, but so far I haven’t seen one interesting press release from the event. Anyway, TUAW is there… Read More