macworld 2009

IntelliScanner Mini: What the heck?

<img src=""> I might be drinking too much tonight but isn't this teeny scanner a bit too small? Oh, wait... it'

Fastmac quietly releases a Mac-specific external Blu-ray drive

<img src="" alt="" />I just got back from MacWorld and stopped by the Fastmac booth on the way out to see what was shakin and came acro

Today we are all MacRumors

<img src="" /> What a day! While Apple was busy <a HREF="

Review: iTunes Plus

<img src=""> I just downloaded the <i>Slumdog Millionaire</i> soundrack for $8.99 and it came automatically in Plus format. The files th

Say hello to iWork 09: Like iWork 08, but plus one

<img src="" /> Whoever predicted that Apple would introduce iWork '09 <a HREF="

Apple announces unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro

<img src="" /> At the unibody MacBook event back in October, Apple remained mum on the unibody 17" MacBook Pro, though hinting that o

iLife '09: Faces and Places

<img src=""> The new version if iLife will include a new version of iPhoto with facial recognition called Faces, allowing you to select

Live: Phil Schiller's MacWorld 2009 keynote

<img src=""> <i>Welcome to our live coverage of <a href="">Phil Schiller's</a> Mac

(PRODUCT) Red iPhone is fake

<img src=""> <a HREF="">Nowhereelse</a> has photos of what is purporte

17-inch MacBook Pro going unibody with built-in battery

<img src=""> MacWorld is going to be <i>amazing</i> this year because, get this, there will be a new MBP announced. <a H

Rumor: Mac Mini getting a makeover next week

<img src="" /> Time to throw away your old Mac Minis, friends, because new ones are coming next week. <a HREF="http://

Rumor: New Apple Cinema Displays in 2009

It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure out that the Cinema Displays are due for a refresh in the near future since no major modifications have been made since their debut in 2004. MacRumors is h