• Apple Reflects On The Mac At 30 With New Video And Website Retrospective

    Apple Reflects On The Mac At 30 With New Video And Website Retrospective

    Apple is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mac with a new video and microsite released today featuring some fond remembrances of the machines over the years from creative professionals including Moby, artist April Greiman, photographer Jon Stanmeyer and more. The site features use cases exemplified by some of the best creative, educational and scientific professionals of the past 30… Read More

  • Classic Note For iOS Is Bringing Blocky Back

    Classic Note For iOS Is Bringing Blocky Back

    In case you can’t wait for Jony Ive to give iOS a complete revamp, there’s Classic Note, an app that will bring back a bit of the Woz-Jobs magic in fully 128K glory. The app includes a note taker and calculator into a package that harkens back to the days of the original Macintosh. Read More

  • What Games Are: The PC’s Struggle To App-Up Continues

    What Games Are: The PC’s Struggle To App-Up Continues

    Sim City 5 is yet another game that exposes an inherent conflict at the heart of the PC, about how connected and app-like or independent it should be. Publishers like EA might be trying to convince PC users to think of their games more as services, but PC users are still as reluctant as ever. So are operating system developers. And so the PC continues to muddle on. Read More

  • Why Google+ Looks Good: Original Macintosh Team Member Andy Hertzfeld

    Why Google+ Looks Good: Original Macintosh Team Member Andy Hertzfeld

    When I sat down last week with Google’s Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz to get a tour of Google+, the new social project they rolled out today, my immediate reaction made them extremely happy. I told them that it looks great — Circles in particular — it was almost as if it wasn’t a Google product! That made them laugh. Then Horowitz let something… Read More

  • Razer announces drivers for the Mac

    Razer announced today that they are going to be releasing Mac drivers for all of their future products. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Steam is coming to the Macintosh as well. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MacUpdate Promo Holiday Bundle for $49.99

    MacUpdate offers a bunch of handy software for $49.99. For that price you get everything on the picture. I never needed any of these and I also have no idea what they do (except for VirusBarrier) but this seems like a bargain. Thanks Stephen! Read More

  • $399 Leopard machine from small company, potential lawsuit magnet

    A company called Psystar is promising a $399 “Leopard-compatible” PC with OS X pre-installed. No one has verified these claims but there’s some talk that it’s a variant of the osx86project running on stock hardware. We shall see. Sadly, the site is currently hosed. Power Computing, anyone? Read More

  • Japanese Apple Commercial from 1995

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on either. Dig the last part where the lady lies down and the nerd plays with a teddy bear puzzle and then calls Macintosh for some reason. Read More

  • Analyticians: Macintosh's marketshare to grow even more

    Apple has been gaining marketshare for the Macintosh at a steady clip, and researchers at ChangeWave don’t see it stopping. In fact, the market-guaging firm says that Apple’s marketshare is set to grow even faster in the next few months, with holiday sales this year really helping. I can see this in the real world, actually. Last year, a good friend of mine got her first mac, a… Read More

  • Retro iPhone mod

    Wait a sec…is that an iPhone or a Newton?? Ah, I see. It’s still an iPhone, just fitted with a crafty mod made by Mark Hoekstra. How’d he get the colorful Apple logo from the 1980s on his phone? He pried the plastic apple from an old Apple keyboard, cut out the plastic that held the apple, fitted it to the iPhone, painted it black and attached it. And yes, you can still use it… Read More

  • Compact 200GB Has Ports to Spare, Blue LED

    OtherWorldComputing is selling a fat 200GB travel drive with – get this – FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and SATA support for $379.99. You can also get a USB 2.0 version at 120GB for $149.99 and a FireWire+USB version for about $279.99. Aside from the plethora of available ports, this drive is completely bus powered, which means you don’t need a wall wart to power it. Read More