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Google’s smart keyboard app Gboard adds phrase suggestions, a draw-an-emoji feature & more

Google this morning is rolling out a notable update for its smart keyboard app, Gboard, which introduces a number of new features aimed at helping you communicate more quickly, while typing less. In t

15 venture capital funds to know if you’re working on a machine intelligence startup

Major tech trends tend to draw lots of "dumb money" from investors, and machine intelligence is no exception. Some will lose money on insignificant acqui-hires while others may survive long enough to

Putting the “intelligent” machine in its place

Sometimes even just defining the problem you’re trying to solve is the hardest part. We need human intelligence to decide how and when to use machine intelligence, and the more sophisticated the use

Clarifying the uses of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

Artificial intelligence. It’s dominating headlines with the promise of self-driving cars and virtual assistants becoming more real every day. But despite all the talk around AI, no one seems to real

From recording to reacting: Neural networks are changing notions of surveillance

There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras in the U.S. today, of which only 5 percent are monitored by a human at any given time. Instead, the majority of them are simply recording footage