Apple Updates The MacBook Air With Improved Processors And $899 Starting Price

Apple has indeed updated its MacBook Air as foretold, and while the updates aren’t terribly dramatic, they are solid improvements that should come as welcome news to anyone who has been waiting

Google Now Comes To Chrome On The Desktop For Windows And Mac

Google has released its Google Now notification integration for its desktop Chrome browser, and the update will begin rolling out today and continue to percolate over the coming weeks. The new feature

Four Handy Tools To Workaround – Or Ditch! – Apple’s iPhoto

iPhoto and iCloud, despite being the default photo application and accompanying syncing service that much of the Apple universe uses regularly, are actually kind of awful. iPhoto is slow and bulky. iC

Apple’s 51M iPhones, 26M iPads And 4.8M Macs In Q1 2014 Set A Record, But Growth Slows

Analysts had predicted that Apple would have a strong day with hardware this quarter, anticipating between 54 and 56 million iPhones shipped according to Fortune, as well as around 25 million iPads an

Apple Reflects On The Mac At 30 With New Video And Website Retrospective

Apple is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mac with a new video and microsite released today featuring some fond remembrances of the machines over the years from creative professionals including

Apple’s New Mac Pro In Pictures: Beauty And The Beast

Apple has a brand new Mac Pro with an all-new, bold design that's assembled at home in the U.S. in a facility in Texas. It's easily among the most bold and unique designs of a Mac in recent memory, br

Apple Adds FaceTime Audio To OS X 10.9.2 Beta, Bringing Native Mac-To-iOS Voice Calls Closer

Apple has issued a new developer preview of OS X, version 10.9.2, and it introduces some interesting new features according to 9to5Mac. The most interesting is probably FaceTime Audio, however. Apple

Apple’s Mac Pro Is Now Available, Max One Out Now With A 4K Display For Over $13K

Apple is now selling its new U.S.-assembled Mac Pro via its online store, as announced yesterday in a press release. The pro-targeted computer starts at $2,999, but with custom options and maxed out s

Apple’s New Mac Pro Goes On Sale Dec. 19 Online And In Retail Starting At $2,999

Apple has just announced that its new Mac Pro computer, featuring that signature 'Darth Vader' design, will be available for sale starting tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 19 beginning at $2,999. There's anoth

Google Brings Chrome Apps For Mac Out Of Beta, Offers Web Software That Works Offline

Google has brought its Chrome Apps to the Mac, letting users install apps to their desktop for use just like native software. There's a Chrome App Launcher for Mac, too, which resides in your dock and

New App Lets You Unlock Your Mac By Knocking On Your iPhone

Can your mobile phone become a replacement for manually typing in a password? That's the promise of a new application called <a target="_blank" href="">Knock</a>, launchin

Apple Sold 33.8 Million iPhones, 14.1 Million iPads, And 4.6 Million Macs In Q4 2013

Well, folks, Apple has just put up some mixed numbers in its <a href="">fiscal Q4 2013 ear

Bug In Apple’s CoreText Allows Specific String Of Characters To Crash iOS 6, OS X 10.8 Apps

A bug in Apple’s CoreText rendering engine in iOS 6 and OS X 10.8 causes any apps that try to render a string of Arabic characters to crash on sight. The string of characters which can trigger t

Loom Lets You Sync & Store Your Photos In The Cloud, Save Space On Your Devices

<a target="_blank" href="">Loom</a>, the new cloud storage and syncing service emerging from the ashes of Y Combinator-backed Popset, is today opening its doors, and heading into b

iPad Sees First Ever Yearly Decline With 14.6M Units Sold In Q3, iPhone Remains Strong With 30M Units Sold & 20% YOY Growth

Apple today released its Q3 2013 earnings report, announcing 31 million iPhones sold in the three-month period ending June, along with 14.6 million iPad units sold. Both the iPhone and iPad sales are

HipChat Brings Mac Client Out Of Beta, Offers Up Overhauled iOS App As Trials Triple With Free Tier

HipChat has done a whole lot of overhauling when it comes to its desktop and mobile clients over the past year, and now the native Mac app, which was released as a beta on February 14, is getting its

Don’t Expect To See New iPhone Or iPad Hardware At WWDC, The Loop Advises, But New Macs Possible

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple is probably the best-connected Apple blogger on the planet at the moment, so when he posts an entry called "WWDC Expectations," the entire community's ears perk up. The annual

Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock Is The Best Damn Thing In The World

Thunderbolt, you were a tech with near unlimited promise when first introduced, but what have you done with all that power? Since my first Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, I've essentially been using the por

Twitter Actually Updates Twitter For Mac, Adds Retina Support And 14 New Languages

Twitter for Mac has long languished, not seeing an update since 2011, but Twitter just pushed out a new one that brings Retina display support to the official client, as well as a revised interface fo

SimCity Arrives On Mac June 11, 1.3M PC Copies Sold So Far Despite Connection Requirements

SimCity is making its way to Mac, as promised, but now EA has put a specific date on when that will happen. The city-building simulator will arrive on OS X June 11, EA revealed in a press release toda
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