• SXC, XCOR Space Tourism Companies Sign New Deal

    These Are The Guys That Will Take You To Space… In 2014… For $95K [TCTV]

    It’s in every science fiction book and movie since forever. Humans — the ordinary non-astronaut kind, like you and I — going up into space like it’s no big deal. And it’s generally believed that one day, eventually, space flight will become mainstream. But alas, the day draws nigh. XCOR Aerospace and Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) have introduced the… Read More

  • The SiriusXM Lynx Is A Portable Satellite Radio… With A Twist!

    You may have forgotten that there was such a thing as “satellite radio,” what with all the streaming services available now, but it exists and its still going fairly strong. The latest way to listen to this form of radio is the Lynx, a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable player that records up to 200 hours of music and offers a full schedule of upcoming shows for your listening pleasure. Read More

  • Another airline to consider when making your suborbital space travel plans

    Here’s the Lynx, from XCOR Aerospace out of California. It’s a cute little two-seater that’s capable of taking off from a standard runway and flying you up almost 40 miles into space so you can truly appreciate how big the oceans are. You’d say to the pilot, “Hey have you heard that Irish drinking song called ‘Big Strong Man’? They claim that the guy is… Read More