Lyft Line

Lyft Line is live in Toronto

Lyft seems to be gearing up to launch its carpooling service, Line, in its first international city. This comes after Lyft launched its standard, Plus, Premier, Lux and SUV services in Toronto back in

Lyft tests Line memberships to help you save money

Lyft is testing out membership passes to let passengers ride for less money in November, the company announced on its blog today. There are two types of passes: a $20 one that guarantees up to 20, $2

Lyft Line Gets Into Perpetual Ride Territory With Triple Match Service

Lyft is adding even more riders to its multiple ride-sharing service Lyft Line. Called Triple Match, the feature works like the regular Line service but allows drivers to pick up three or more riders

Lyft Is Testing A Feature That Will Make Line Cheaper If You’re Willing To Wait Longer

Lyft is testing a new feature for Lyft Line users that will make rides a little bit cheaper. The new feature allows Line riders that are willing to wait for a little bit longer to take less-expensi

Uber And Lyft Urge Users To Share Rides With Other Passengers During SXSW

Thanks to a city ordinance passed last fall, this will be the first year on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft will be competing for passengers in Austin during SXSW. As both companies prepare to

Lyft Is Bringing Its Ride-Sharing Service Lyft Line To New York City

On-demand ride startup Lyft has been pushing its shared-ride feature Lyft Line pretty hard since announcing it earlier this summer. After introducing Lyft Line to Los Angeles in September, the service

Lyft Appeals To More Casual Drivers By Matching Them With Passengers To Share Commutes

With the launch of Driver Destination, Lyft will for the first time give its drivers some freedom in being able to accept rides based on where a particular passenger is going. It also could open up it

With Lyft Line, Passengers Can Split Fares For Shared Rides

On-demand ride-sharing startup Lyft is launching a new product in San Francisco today that it hopes will get more people using its service. Called Lyft Line, the product is designed to lower costs for