• The first 100% paper-made jeans in the world will set you back $5,400

    Hopefully better-looking than that (photo credit: Fashion Police) As the world’s first company, Tokyo-based Japan Pulp & Paper plans to sell jeans made entirely of Japanese paper. The jeans will be marketed as a collector’s item and limited to just 10 pairs. Buyers will have to pay $5,400 per pair. The company is using denim made from Washi, Japanese paper that’s tougher… Read More

  • Mobiado 105GMT

    I have an iPhone and I think it’s an expensive cellphone. But it does a lot more than a cellphone. So why would I buy something expensive that has the specs of a sub 100$ device and has “Dual inset 24 Karat gold plated crowns”? Anyone ever bought something like this?  Specs:
    Quadband GSM and dual band WCDMA, speaker phone, 3G luxury phone (?), 2 megapixel picture and… Read More

  • BMW using MS Surface as car configurator

    Now, you could just go down a list and tick the options you want, but that wouldn’t really be posh enough for you, would it? You’re getting a Bimmer, and you want the experience to be luxurious and classy from start to finish. And that’s why they’re employing a Microsoft Surface to choose your options and check out your car’s features instead of a good old piece… Read More

  • Nokia plans to bring its Vertu luxury brand to Japan, is poised to fail

    Japan has always been a tough market crack for Nokia, the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturer. While the Finnish company boasts a 40 percent share of global handset sales, this figure has been steady at about 1 percent in Japan. Now it has come to light that Nokia plans to launch an MVNO with Nippon’s No. 1 cell phone carrier Docomo starting in either February or March next year. Read More

  • Poor timing: Samsung S9402 dual-SIM ‘luxury’ phone

    The luxury phone market must be absolutely screaming as we await the collapse of civilization and begin our rapid descent into barbarism—using Windows PCs because they’re cheaper than Macs. That’s the only way to explain why Samsung is coming out with the S9402 DuoS, a “luxury” cellphone that has two SIM cards. (Two-SIM phones are marketed like, “What if… Read More

  • Gilded Age: Stockinger, Bentley team up, create a safe specifically for watches

    I’m gonna hazard a guess here and say that if you’re *so* into watches that you need a specific safe for them, you’re probably in a different tax bracket than all of us here. That is, unless your name is John Biggs and you collect watches in order to fill some weird void in your soul. Fair enough. Be that as it may, perhaps you’re so drained from all the G1 coverage… Read More

  • Meet Black OX, Gigantor's rival robot (and pre-order for a lot of Yen)
    Osaka-based robot maker Vstone starts accepting pre-orders [JP, PDF] for their newest model, the Black Ox… Read More

  • Japanese company sells golden keyboards

    Following the release of a keyboard made of leather, the Japanese can now buy golden keyboards. Tokyo-based Wazakura Koubou offers the so-called Kagayaki [JP] in the Japanese layout for $270 exclusively on their website [JP] and in selected Sofmap PC shops in Japan. The keyboard is layered with 99.99% pure gold and features two USB ports. A cheaper version for $215, the so-called Kirameki [JP]… Read More

  • Austrian designer phone worth as much as a Tesla Roadster

    Admit it: at some point, you’ve lost your cellphone. That’s why we don’t see any reason to spend $134,000 on a new one, even if it is gold-plated and encrusted with more diamonds that Liberace’s Cadillac. That’s what designer Peter Aloisson is pitching to the ultra-upper class. Based on a luxury Nokia handset, the small slider is completely covered in white… Read More

  • Gilded Age: Montegiro's Lusso 'luxurious' turntable

    Believe it or not, that’s a turntable up there. Designed by German outfit Montegiro, Lusso, as it’s known, is marketed more like a European sports car than a pice of DJ equipment. “Luxury is…. having time for the essential things of life.” “Luxury is… to allow oneself extravagances.” “Luxury is… to expect just more.” And… Read More

  • Louis Vuitton cracking down on bloated babies carrying Swap Meet Louis

    Nadia Plesner made a T-shirt that she’s selling to raise money for kids in Darfur. Her shirt includes an image of a malnourished child carrying a sexy purse that looks like something out of the Louis Vuitton Desiccated Trophy Wife line so popular with the ladies a few years back. Note that it doesn’t have the LV logo, just a bunch of squiggles, and it bears a passing resemblance to… Read More

  • Armani and Samsung go at it again for luxury HDTV line

    Giorgio Armani is getting together with Samsung again, this time for a TV, and it looks pretty good. The pair has already put out a high-end cellphone that we liked, so another partnership seemed likely. It’s a 46-inch LCD screen in 1080p running at 100Hz, which means a super-clear picture by any measure. A 52-inch version is coming soon as well. Sadly, it’s only for the Korean… Read More

  • Tag Heuer's $7,000 cellphone is $7,000 worth of "meh"

    I have a Helio Ocean and a Palm Centro I use as my daily dialers (I know, I know) alternatively, and between the two they do nearly everything a cellphone can do, but they’re lacking one thing: crocodile skin. That’s why I should look into this Tag Heuer Meridiist. It’s a very good looking phone from people who make very good looking watches. It’s luxury in your pocket… Read More

  • Asus U2 laptop is something like taking a bubble bath

    Looking to "take luxury computing to a whole new level"? I don’t know what that means either. If you’re already into luxury computing but you can’t help but wonder how to take it to the next level, you may very well never be satisfied no matter how many levels there are. Read More

  • Show off your insecurities aggressively with this remote

    Nothing says "I have an assload of money" like a $30,000 pure gold remote control. I’d suggest keeping the price tag on this beauty for when you have company over, just so everyone knows that it’s more than a fancy puck-shaped remote. It’s Danish, too, so try to slip that into the conversation somewhere. Not to skimp on the features, this trouser-snake-elongating… Read More

  • Compare it to your house: Crazy rich prince buys crazy big airplane

    You know, for all the cool gadgets and accouterments your place has, I sincerely doubt it’s anything compared to this Saudi Prince’s. Airbus said yesterday that it will outfit one of its A380 jets for Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The “flying mansion,” as it’s known, costs some $300 million and comes with a free coffee maker. (Those princes love their joe!) The plane… Read More

  • Hands on with the Motorola RAZR 2 Luxury Edition

    I won’t lie. This phone is hot. I want it. I must have it. The babes will flock rather than run like they normally do. Yes, I know I cracked jokes about the Luxury Edition earlier, but it’s such a sexy piece of hardware. The faux snake skin isn’t half bad and the diamond-cut plating is well done. I really, really want it and it sort of makes me sick to my stomach. Read More

  • China and the lie of luxury

    This is a bit off-topic, but it has quite a bit to do with electronics and boutique home audio so let’s begin. Luxury items have always been status symbols and, increasingly, commodity products. This nasty mix creates a drive to sell more product at luxury prices, which is good for the companies but not so good for the consumer. Dana Thomas’ book, Deluxe claws at — but… Read More

  • Urban Fidelity 'Planet' sound-dispersing speakers

    Sure they’re expensive — starting at $1295 — but can you really put a price on metallic planet-shaped balls that "disperse sound in a perfect 360-degree soundfield"? Read More

  • Gigantic speakers are probably taller than you

    Take this set of Evolution Acoustics speakers anywhere you need a little extra muscle; the gym, the bar, the back-alley River City Ransom-like brawl, or anywhere else you need a 6-foot, 525-pound buddy to watch your back. Or maybe just leave it at home and use it to listen to music. Enclosed within the slick wooden housing are two 15-inch woofers, two 7-inch mids, and a 5-inch tweeter on… Read More