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BoomPop gains traction by designing high-end off-sites for a remote-first world

There’s nothing sexy about corporate retreats. But BoomPop, a 26-person, San Francisco-based outfit that the startup studio Atomic launched in 2020, is managing to infuse some pizazz into the lo

Airbnb is buying Luxury Retreats for around $200M

Airbnb may have been founded on the premise of renting out spare sofa or bed space as a cheap alternative to hotels, but the company has moved upmarket in a big way, and is about to take that up anot

Luxury Retreats, An Airbnb For High-End Homes And Guests, Raises $11M

As Airbnb continues to add more features to its online accommodation rental marketplace to meet demands both from regulators and its growing audience of hosts and guests, a startup in the same space

With $100M In Annual Rentals, Luxury Retreats Takes Its First Round Of Funding, $5M Led By iNovia

The rise of online accommodation booking services like <a target="_blank" href="">Airbnb</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">HomeAway</a> has given way to