• Panasonic ups the ante on video with its new GH5 camera

    Panasonic ups the ante on video with its new GH5 camera

    To say that Panasonic is all but out of the camera race wouldn’t be a huge overstatement. In the GH4, however, the company has had a shining beacon of hope. A profoundly competent mirrorless camera aimed especially at creative videographers who want top-shelf quality with a bottom-shelf price, it comes as no surprise that the hotly anticipated follow-up looks to be a heavy hitter, too. Read More

  • Android Phone + Lumix Camera = Panasonic’s LUMIX Phone 101P For Japan

    Android Phone + Lumix Camera = Panasonic’s LUMIX Phone 101P For Japan

    Sharp’s AQUOS PHONE 102SH wasn’t the only cool Android phone to hit the Japanese market today. Local carrier SoftBank will also start distributing the so-called LUMIX Phone 101P [JP] as part of its fall/winter line-up of new cell phones in November. Made by Panasonic, the Android device is designed to be a mix between a phone and a digital camera (and it sure looks like it). Read More

  • Japan Gets Panasonic Lumix Disney Camera

    Panasonic Japan announced [JP] a special Lumix camera yesterday, the LUMIX DMC-FP7D (where the “D” stands for Disney). Unlike many other cute special edition cameras from Japan, the design on this model is rather subtle. Read More

  • Panasonic Officially Announces G3 Micro Four Thirds Camera With Touch Control

    It kind of leaked yesterday, but now Panasonic made the Lumix DMC-G3 official. The micro four-thirds camera is the successor to the DMC-G2, and apart from improving just about every technical feature, the new model is more compact and now boasts a touch-based UI. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Panasonic's New Lumix Cell Phone Up And Close

    Panasonic was all mysterious when it announced a “Lumix Phone” last week, teasing it with a special website (now updated, but still in Japanese) that contained neither pictures nor solid information about their newest cell phone. But the company today unveiled the handset at CEATEC 2010, Asia’s biggest technology and electronics exhibition, which takes place yearly in Chiba… Read More

  • Panasonic Makes Mysterious "Lumix Phone" Pre-Announcement

    There will be a large IT and electronics exhibition in Japan happening next week (CEATEC), and Panasonic Japan just announced [JP] it will use the show to announce a new cell phone. The company has set up a dedicated site [JP] for the new device but is being pretty mysterious about it (no pictures). Read More

  • Panasonic Lumix GH2: $899 Micro 4/3s With Class

    Panasonic has announced the Lumix GH2, a $899 M4/3 camera that looks to be the flagship of the breed. Designed to work with the new 3D lens they also just announced, it features a 14MP resolution and… the LUMIX GH2 can now record full HD 1920 x 1080 videos in smooth 60i, doubling the sensor output from 25p/24p to 50p/60p. The camera also supports 1080/24p native mode at 24 Mbps, the… Read More

  • Panasonic pumps out some new cameras

    Don’t go wilding in the streets of Detroit or anything, but Panasonic just released five new cameras including the much-anticipated LX5, a low-light point and shoot with Leica glass. They also released the TS10, a ruggedized point and shoot, and the FZ40, a 24x ultrazoom camera with HD video recording. The cameras should be available in August-September. Press releases and images after… Read More

  • Panasonic makes the FX75 luxury point-and-shoot official

    News of this camera leaked out a little while back, but now we’ve got the official info — except for release date and price. Seems like you’d want to include that information in a product announcement, but hey, what do I know? The new point-and-shoot, the full name for which is the Lumix DMC-FX75, is looking pretty nice, if not particularly original. I like the look of that… Read More

  • Four — count 'em, four! — new Panasonic cameras announced

    Your Tuesday afternoon just got a super-shot of excitement, as Panasonic unveils four new digital cameras: the ZR3, TS2, ZS7, and ZS5! Take your pick of ultra-compact, mega-zoom, waterproof, or GPS. All four new models sport HD recording, face recognition, and Happy Mode, which “optimizes color, saturation and brightness to make both photo and video more vivid and true to the color the… Read More

  • Leakage: Six new cameras from Panasonic

    Nothing official yet, but this looks like a pretty good leak. Panasonic loves to do this kind of thing, announcing several cameras at once to distract from the other manufacturers. Read More

  • New micro four-thirds Panasonic causes drool, consternation

    We saw this thing a little while ago and now it is real. The Panasonic DMC-GF1 is a micro four-thirds camera with 12-megapixel sensor, 1080p video recording, and nice image quality. After seeing the lackluster EP1 I am worried the M4/3 world might be too hard to handle, even for DSLR lovers. However, I’m willing to give this old girl a try. Read More

  • Panasonic announces the Lumix ZR1, FP8, FZ35

    Three new cameras from Panasonic inbound. Finally, someone besides Samsung is claiming a world’s first. Claiming the hat today is Panasonic with the Lumix ZR1 digital camera. The latest Lumix features a 0.3mm thin ashperical lens, which is a world’s first. Other notable features include a 25mm ultra-wide-angle, 8x optical zoom Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens and a start-up time of… Read More

  • Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX37

    Overview In my never-ending search for a high image quality compact digital camera, I came across the Panasonic DMC-FX37. This little compact caught my eye with its long list of premium features and tiny footprint. It’s got a wide-angle Leica lens, image stabilization, 720p HD video recording, and a 4x zoom. That’s a pretty compelling list of features for such a small… Read More

  • Panasonic's micro four thirds Lumix G1 gets reviewed

    The full review for Panasonic’s new generation of un-SLR is up over at DPReview, and they’ve given it the usual treatment. It looks like the G1, which I was a bit skeptical of, comes through okay. Given its natural limitations, it succeeds in image quality, color reproduction, and somewhat in usability. It isn’t all fun and games, though. Read the full 33-page review here… Read More

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 cameras shipping early

    I have absolutely no problem with companies saying that a certain product will ship at a certain time and then shipping said product a couple weeks early. In fact, I wish they all did that. Panasonic appears to have done it with its new Lumix DMC-G1 Micro Four Thirds cameras. The company’s shopping site lists the cameras for sale now to be shipped out within 1-3 business days. Read More

  • Official MSRP for Panasonic Lumix G1 is $799

    Not a huge surprise here, since a Panasonic exec basically leaked the $799 MSRP for the Lumix a few weeks ago, but here it is officially: The Lumix G1 will have an MSRP of $799. Ta-dow. It’ll be available in mid-November. Also available at the same time will be an optional 45-200mm lens for $349. Read More

  • Panasonic exec reveals the Lumix DMC-G1 MSRP

    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 Micro Four Thirds broke cover a few weeks ago, but the press release didn’t include the price. (hate that) Thankfully, a loose -lip Panasonic Suit let it slip that the G1 is going to carry a $799 MSRP here in the States. Read More

  • Items of wonderment from Tokyo’s Panasonic Center

    Here’s a handful of doodads and gizmos that may or may not interest you. Among them; a cool feature called “Intelligent Auto” that’ll be found on new Lumix digital cameras, a giant plasma TV with an SD card slot for instant digital photo gratification, a Surface-like touchscreen tabletop (apparently Panasonic’s been doing that stuff since long before Microsoft)… Read More

  • Panasonic's Lumix FS5 is not a bad shooter

    [photopress:6953_FS54.jpg,full,center] Panasonic this week is debuting a new camera in its Lumix line. The FS5 is a 10-Megapixel point n’ shoot in the familiar Lumix form factor. Featruing a 30mm-equivelent lens, the camera is great for part shots or outdoorsmen, but not so much for portraiture, but it does have a zoom to 120mm equivalent, which addresses close-ups. The rest is… Read More