Nokia Officially Outs The Lumia 1020 And Its 41-Megapixel Camera

Well, that was pretty anticlimactic. After teasing us mercilessly for the past few weeks, Nokia's Stephen Elop has taken the stage here in New York to surprise absolutely no one and officially reveal

Live Blog From Nokia’s Not-So-Mysterious Lumia 1020 Event

As Rafiki from the Lion King once said, <a target="_blank" href="">"It is time."</a> Nokia is gearing up to make a big announcement with little-to-no myste

More Nokia Lumia 1020 Hardware And Camera Details Surface Ahead Of Official Launch

In case you're somehow immune to all of Nokia's incessant teasing, the company's going to unveil a shiny new smartphone on Thursday in hopes that a tremendous camera will endear the thing to the masse

Nokia’s New Flagship (The Lumia 909?) Spotted In Leaked Images Ahead Of July 11 Event

For many of us today the 4th of July signifies a day of patriotism, fireworks, and grilled meats, but it also means that there are only seven days left until Nokia opens the doors to a New York press

Nokia’s Smart Devices Chief On Instagram, Android, Phablets & The Continued Lack Of A 41MP PureView Lumia

Nokia has added another device to its burgeoning Lumia portfolio of smartphones today, with the introduction of the Lumia 925: a sleek, PureView-branded handset that will be its first flagship on T-Mo

AT&T’s Year-Old Nokia Lumia 900 Finally Gets A Taste Of Windows Phone 7.8

AT&T customers who took the plunge on Nokia's Lumia 900 have had to sit idly by and watch Windows Phone 8 supercede the software loaded on their own devices, but they'll soon be able to experience

Verizon To Offer Nokia Lumia 928 From Next Month, Reports Bloomberg

Nokia looks like it's hoping to turn up the volume of its Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones in the US by signing another carrier to its cause. Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia and Verizon have st

Nokia To Follow Samsung’s Lead By Launching A Phablet This Year, Along With 40MP Lumia PureView & Lighter Lumia 920, Reports FT

According to the FT, which cites people with knowledge of Nokia’s plans, the former worldwide number one mobile maker (whose crown was snatched by Samsung) is planning several high end smartphones t

Nokia Q1 2013 Misses With Sales Of $7.6B With $0.03 Loss Per Share; 5.6M Lumias Sold

Nokia has just reported is results for Q1 2013 with sales of $7.6 billion and a non-IFRS loss per share of $0.03 (and a reported EPS of $0.09) — a mixed result compared to analyst estimates, who

Nokia’s Verizon-Bound Lumia 928 Spotted In Leaked Images Ahead Of Launch

It's been a long time coming, but Verizon Wireless customers should soon have another high-end Windows Phone 8 device to lust after. After the handset was spotted both in both the FCC's and Verizon's

Watch Nokia’s Stephen Elop Lob Someone Else’s iPhone On The Floor, Promise To Replace It

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is a man with a mission: to try to drum up interest in the company's Windows Phone line of Lumia smartphones in a market saturated with Androids and iPhones. So what better way

TC Interview: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Talks Windows Phone Alternatives, Low-End Devices And Email

Ahead of its Mobile World Congress press conference today, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sat down with TechCrunch to talk about the company's dual OS strategy, expanding product portfolio and the evolving co

Nokia To Go Downmarket At MWC To Better Compete With Huawei And ZTE, Report Says

Windows Phone 8 is Nokia's big play for the future, but as a result of focusing on those devices and their higher-end target market, the company is giving up ground to firms like Huawei and ZTE with l

Verizon Said To Be Getting A Flagship Nokia Windows Phone (Codenamed “Laser”) Of Its Own

Don't get me wrong, HTC's Windows Phone 8X is great and all, but the rest of Verizon Wireless' Windows Phone lineup (think the Nokia Lumia 822 and Samsung;s ATIV Odyssey) is a bit lacking in the oomph

Nokia Confirms The PureView Was Officially The Last Symbian Phone

Symbian is now officially dead, Nokia confirmed today. In the company's <a target="_blank" href="">earnings announcement</a> that came out

A Bright Spot For Nokia As Lumia And Other Q4 Mobile Sales “Exceeded Expectations”, With 4.4M Lumias Sold, But Q1 May Bring More Woe

Some good news for Nokia today: the company <a target="_blank" href="">announce

Nokia Said To Be Prepping An Aluminum-Clad Lumia For Release Later This Year

Nokia’s been awfully fond of slapping its high-end hardware into polycarbonate bodies, but that trend may soon come to an end if a new report from <a target="_blank" href="

Nokia And Windows Phone Get An Avian App Exclusive With Angry Birds Roost

The Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phone devices have reason to crow today, thanks to a new exclusive release featuring Rovio's wildly popular Angry Birds. The app, called Angry Birds Roost, was announce

Windows Phone 8 Device Availability: Phones Hit Europe This Weekend, U.S. In November

Windows Phone 8 is coming to European carriers this weekend, coming to the rest of the world in November, with devices from Lumia, HTC and Samsung including the 920, 8X and Ativ S hitting online store

Nokia Fully Details The Windows Phone 8-Powered Lumia 822, Coming To Verizon This Fall

Nokia today officially announced that it will be offering the Nokia Lumia 822 as part of its "Fall portfolio," bringing the Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 820 variant exclusively to Verizon's network.
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