Nintendo buys Canadian game studio in rare acquisition

While gaming giants Sony and Microsoft have made M&A a critical part of their strategic growth plans, Nintendo has always seemed to be more reluctant to bring outside talent into the fold of its v

Mechanical Yoshi Adds Mech To Mario

Donald “KodyKoala” Kennedy built this magical mech Yoshi out of Lego and Playmobil parts as well as some nicely molded custom parts. His next project is Luigi, a noble goal in this era of reduced

Mario and Luigi remote controlled mini golfers

Howsabout a little mini golf before your mid-morning accounts receivable meeting? These remote controlled Mario and Luigi figurines would be great for just that. At $25 each, they’re not exactly

E! True Hollywood Story: Luigi Segali

This week’s episode of E! True Hollywood Story focuses on our favorite ‘Player 2’, Luigi. The Segali Brothers started out as simple plumbers and made their way to Hollywood to hit it big. Sadly,