The suddenly exciting future of enterprise communications

Enterprise communications is not a sector that typically generates palpable excitement. In the enterprise, the plumbing is never as exciting as the fixtures, and people spend more time noticing what c

RePhone Lets You Turn Anything Into A Phone

Making a cellphone is easy. You go into a mine, pull up some ore, extract various metals and then add components that you manufacture from other mines. Then you have to get FCC clearance and create li

Lua, The Mobile-First Comms Tool For Any Workforce, Launches Insights Metrics Product

<a href="">Lua, the mobile first communications platform for any workforce</a>, has today launched a brand new fe

Lua Goes From A Manhattan Basement To $2.5M In Seed Funding From IA Ventures

It all started in a basement in Manhattan. The guys from Lua (which you may remember from the <a href="">Tech

Lua Organizes Any Mobile Workforce With (Duh!) A Mobile App

Lua, a company focused on enhancing communication and project management within mobile workforces, has just launched out of beta today at the Techstars NYC Demo Day. The software allows any mobile wor