For Rapid Wireless Data Exchange: Toshiba Starts Shipping TransferJet LSI

<a href="">TransferJet</a> is having a hard time going mainstream, but Toshiba hasn't given up on the close proximity wireless transfer <a href="

Toshiba Shows TransferJet-Compatible LSI For Stable Wireless Data Exchange

Close proximity technology <a href="">TransferJet</a> is evolving. <a href="">Toshiba</a> has developed an LSI (pictured) that

Toshiba To Outsource LSI Chip Production To Samsung

<img src="" /> Toshiba seems to be determined to completely overhaul its semiconductor segment. Yesterday, it was reported

Sony: World's first TransferJet-compatible LSI for fast data exchange are ready

<img src="" /> <a href="">TransferJet</a> is a close-proximity wireless transfer technology th