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  • SEC Filing: Ray Ozzie’s Startup Talko Raises $4 Million To Develop Cloud-Based Mobile Backend Services

    SEC Filing: Ray Ozzie’s Startup Talko Raises $4 Million To Develop Cloud-Based Mobile Backend Services

    According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Ray Ozzie’s startup, Talko, has raised $4 million to fund the development of its mobile communications apps and services. Little is known about the company except that it is developing communications software and tools for social interaction. Ozzie talked earlier this year about how the company, formerly known… Read More

  • Five Years Later, Ray Ozzie Pens Another Great Memo: "Dawn Of A New Day"

    Ray Ozzie, who famously took over the reins as Chief Software Architect at Microsoft when Bill Gates formally retired from the company (his last full-time day was June 27, 2008), stepped down from that position last week and will leave the company behind within months. Five years ago this week, Ozzie penned a memorable memo, 5,000 words long, entitled “The Internet Services… Read More

  • Lotus Notes Gets Much Needed Help From Add-On FewClix

    Lotus Notes is still a widely used platform with a user base of over 145 million. Their relevancy, however, is declining rapidly due to the increased popularity of Google Apps and Microsoft hosted email, which are lauded as more user-friendly and convenient. Synaptris, through the deployment of their Lotus Notes add-on FewClix, hopes to remedy these common complaints. With an advanced… Read More

  • Google Eases The Switch From Lotus Notes To Google Apps

    A few weeks ago, Google announced a new plug-in that will sync Google Apps—the enterprise versions of Gmail, contacts, and calendar—with Microsoft’s Outlook, letting customers use Outlook on their desktops if that is what they are comfortable with, and Google Apps will run on the backend. Of course, the plug-in ended up running into a few problems. But the takeaway of the news… Read More

  • The Static Document Model Is Dying–RIP .doc, .xls, and .ppt

    My TechCrunch internship has ended, and for my final TechCrunchIT post, I wanted to connect the dots I see within the enterprise space. Thanks for the wonderful time. When Writely and Zoho Writer launched three years ago, some quickly predicted the end for Microsoft Office. It seemed so obvious: free beats paid, ubiquitous access beats the device-centric, thick-client model. But IT… Read More

  • IBM Releases Lotus Notes, Domino Version 8

    I very rarely use Lotus Notes and Domino because I’ve only ever used MS Outlook in an office, but I’m sure plenty of you do, so you’ll be excited, I think, to know that Version 8 has finally been released. It’s been two years in the making, but the latest version was built on the open source Eclipse platform, which means mashups can link older apps with newer apps. … Read More