• Macworld 2008: Some losers pissed me off, so I'm sharing them with you!

    The media queue to get into the keynote yesterday morning was insane, it always is at an event like this. It’s a couple of hundred journalists jockeying for the best spots in line so as to get the best seats with clear shots of the stage, while at the same time getting their software running while trying to keep their batteries from dying. It’s chaos. And the last thing it needs… Read More

  • How Not to Lose at Video Games

    I love XBox live in every way possible. The idea of blowing someone away from across the country appeals to me. The idea of calling them names that would get you kicked out of a truck stop while they’re unable to physically harm you appeals to me even more. It’s an art. This kid, though, is not an artist. When it comes to smack-talking, he’s a hack. The audio from this video… Read More