• Loomia Powers Social Recommendations for WSJ, CNET, and NBC by Leveraging Facebook

    Recommendations engine Loomia has signed deals with the Wall Street Journal, CNET, and NBC to provide users of those companies’ news websites with recommendations based on what their Facebook friends are reading.
    Readers of these publications who are also Facebook users with Loomia’s SeenThis? application installed will see a list of recommended news articles like the one seen… Read More

  • Loomia Partners With Wall Street Journal

    Loomia, a recommendation engine that is used by ecommerce and content websites to suggest new stuff to users, locked up a marquee business development deal with the Wall Street Journal. The module, which appears next to stories, suggests other Wall Street Journal content based on what the user has read previously on the site, and compared to what other users have read, too. The module is… Read More

  • Major Overhaul at Loomia

    David Marks, the CEO of Loomia (profile) emailed me last night to tell me about new functionality and a new look and feel at the site. Loomia is an excellent podcasting and videocasting resource. You can subscribe to podcasts, and listen to them via the site or download them to your computer or device. The key value-add is their recommendation engine – you rate media and get… Read More

  • Profile – Loomia

    Company: Loomia Launched: June, 2005 Location: San Francisco What is it? Loomia provides search, recommendations, and personalization for podcasts, videocasts, and other syndicated media. In a nutshell, their goal is to help you find content that you will enjoy based on how you rate content you’ve already absorbed. The idea is awesome, and their approach is perfect (centralized… Read More