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Looking Glass taps ChatGPT for holographic cartoon animals

Two things have always felt true about Brooklyn-based 3D display startup Looking Glass. First, their technology is really cool. I’ve seen it in person several times over the years, and it always imp

Looking Glass launches second-gen holographic displays

Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory today announced the release of a pair of second-gen holographic displays. Following up on late-last year’s release of the entry-level Portrait, the startup is of

Looking Glass is launching 3D photo software for its holographic tech

Last month, Looking Glass Factory introduced the Portrait, its first offering for a more general audience. The device utilizes the company’s impressive holographic imaging technology for a far more

Looking Glass’s next product is a holographic digital photo frame

Looking Glass’s technology is extremely cool, but has, thus far, been prohibitively expensive, ranging from $600 for its 8.9-inch product to $6,000 for the 15-inch model — and an undisclosed s

Looking Glass starts shipping its 8K holographic display

When Looking Glass Factory showed of its first holographic display way back in August 2018, it felt more like a proof of concept than anything — though it was immediately an impressive concept. In N

Hands-on with the bizarrely fascinating Looking Glass volumetric display

What good is 3D? Does depth give you anything worthwhile in an interface that’s most likely flat anyway? Is “immersion” as a metric really worth that much? Even as a ton of startups

Looking Glass Founders See Their L3D Cube As A New Type Of Display

Earlier this year, Looking Glass successfully raised $252,000 on Kickstarter for its 3D LED cube, dubbed the L3D Cube. Now the startup actually is shipping cubes — or, rather, kits for assembling