How Chicago is changing who raises early-stage venture capital

New VC data out of Chicago shows that it is possible to change the ratio when it comes to venture investment.

Seven Key Requirements Corporate IT Needs from PaaS

This guest post was contributed by Pankaj Malviya, a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in enterprise software product design, development, and implementation of customer service s

LongJump Challenges Force.com With New Developer Suite

<a href="http://www.longjump.com/"><img src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/longjump_logo.png" class="shot2" /></a> When <a href="http://www.salesforce.com/">Salesforce</a> rolled

LongJump Wants You to Stop Pushing Paper Around the Office

LongJump, a hosted applications environment that competes with the likes of Salesforce and Coghead, is introducing a new visual workflow system meant to streamline business processes. Companies will b

Bungee Labs Takes $8 Million Series C

Bungee Labs has raised $8 million Series C in a round that included Wasatch Venture Fund and existing investors North Bridge Venture Partners and Venrock Associates. Orem, Utah based Bungee Labs offer

Bungee Connect Launches Ambitious New Online Development Product

Yeah, we’ve seen a ton of online application builders before – DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, LongJump, Coghead and WyaWorks, among others. And Salesforce weighed in with their own Force.com in l

Salesforce.com To Offer DaaS Service, New Pricing Model, Competition

CRM and SaaS provider Salesforce.com have announced that there Force.com Cloud Computing Architecture (our review here) is to now offer Development-as-a-Service (DaaS), a new pricing structure and a d

LongJump Launches Cloud Database Service

LongJump, an SaaS offering that enables ordinary people to build and customize database-centric applications (for sales, marketing, IT, HR, finance, etc.), has launched a new offering dubbed “Da

Coghead Pursues Platform Strategy With Launch Of Affiliates Program

Every company in Silicon Valley wants to become a platform for other companies to build cool stuff on top of. It is the easiest way to attract customers. Coghead—the DIY, Web-based, business-app bui

LongJump's Library Of Customizable Business Apps

We last wrote about LongJump back in June when their business application platform launched. Like Coghead, DabbleDB, Zoho Creator, WyaWorks, and SalesForce’s Force.com, LongJump lets programming

Salesforce Enters Custom Application Market With Force.com

Salesforce will enter the custom software market next week with the launch of Force (site will go live Monday morning), a new platform that will allow developers to create database driven applications

New Site "Jumps" Into The Application Creation Space

Just over a year ago DabbleDB launched, allowing people to create quick database driven applications with very few programming skills. Since then we’ve seen Zoho Creator, WyaWorks and Coghead la