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  • Lonely Planet launches an Instagram-like Trips app

    Lonely Planet launches an Instagram-like Trips app

    Lonely Planet has a new app for travel enthusiasts. Called Trips, the app uses an Instagram-like design populated with beautiful images of far away places. Much like Lonely Planet’s website, the idea behind Trips is to offer travelers an easy way to share their experiences and discover new areas of the world — this time on their smartphones. Read More

  • Can You Fear Me Now? Crunch Network

    Can You Fear Me Now?

    I write to you from Aqaba, Jordan, a town made famous when conquered by “Lawrence of Arabia” and Faisal al-Hashimi 99 years ago, at a confluence where today four nations divide a mere 25 miles of coastline. So I have travel much on my mind. And it seems to me that the influence of travel on technology has hit another inflection point, and traditional travel companies have much… Read More

  • Lonely Planet Acquires Mobile Travel App TouristEye

    Lonely Planet Acquires Mobile Travel App TouristEye

    Earlier this year, we wrote about TouristEye, a mobile app for planning trips and discovering new things to do while traveling. Today the startup is announcing that it has been acquired by travel heavyweight Lonely Planet, as that company seeks to broaden its portfolio of products. Read More

  • Revolutions On The Road

    Revolutions On The Road

    I almost miss the bad old days. When I first started wandering around some of the more obscure nooks and crannies of this planet, lo these many years ago, Internet connections were rare and wonderful discoveries; now I just get annoyed when I can’t get online. The last decade-and-a-half of innovation has completely transformed the experience of travel. Right now I’m in the middle of… Read More

  • Lonely Planet's 25 travel guides get a dose of Augmented Reality

    Lonely Planet, the BBC World-owned travel guide company, has rolled out an Augmented Reality option for Android users. Now targeting 25 popular European, US and Asian cities, its AR-supported ‘Compass Guides’ use a combination of GPS, compass and the phone’s camera to enable users to see their current location and nearby points of interest. The app then overlays information… Read More

  • Lonely Planet Learns A Lesson From Eyjafjallajokull (Video)

    Lonely Planet Learns A Lesson From Eyjafjallajokull (Video)

    Lonely Planet has revamped its price structure— the travel publisher has significantly dropped prices, by up to 50%, on all of its mobile apps. Its European city guides will now be available at $5.99, other city guides will be $7.99 (a few small cities like Macau and Manchester will be priced at $2.99). That’s a major discount when you consider that several of the city guides… Read More