London olympics

Please Don’t Watch NBC Tonight. Or Any Night.

Spoiler alert: Phelps and Lochte raced today. The results are all over Twitter. But the race won't air on TV in America until tonight. This is 2012, not 1996. NBC has put all of the events live onl

What’s Driving Facebook’s Olympics Deal With NBC? A Battle With Twitter For TV Presence

Facebook and NBC are expected to announce a partnership today for the London Olympic Games. In short, Facebook users will be reminded to watch NBC’s coverage and NBC viewers will be reminded to join

Japan’s NHK To Broadcast London Olympics In Ultra-HD – 7,680×4,320 Pixels (Video)

If full HD resolution isn't enough for you, then how about 16 times the resolution of full HD? Japan's national public broadcasting organization <a href="">NHK</a> has b