The Oatmeal Thinks It’s Time To Put LolCats To Sleep [TCTV]

Matthew Inman is sick of memes about bacon and kitties. Better known as web comic artist The Oatmeal, Inman gave TechCrunch the lowdown on what's funny, what's not, and how he finds inspiration. In th

Cheezburger CEO: “Our Mission Is To Make Everyone In The World Happy For Five Minutes A Day”

Ben Huh presented his views on Internet culture at Disrupt Beijing, bringing a bit of the funny to the stage in our last presentation. Ben started out by describing how he bought <a HREF="http://icanh

LOLCats on your Jones Soda? Yes!

[photopress:jones.gif,full,left]Did you know that i can has, along with Jones Soda, is having a LOLCat contest? It’s funny, but true! Anyone can enter. Come up with a good LOLCat and submit it.

Consumerist "pushes" LOLCats deeper into the Internets thanks to ComplaintRemover

You know where we got this. I won’t dignify ComplaintRemover with a link but the folks at Consumerist, good men and women all, chatted with this service that promises to “remove” bad

Video: Ken Burns-esque "History of the LOLcat" The history of the LOLcat, it is amazing.

Im in ur ______ ______ing ur ______

<img src=" combo, as you use a washable marker to tell everyone, "im in ur mom, borking your unborn retarded sister". OK, that&#0

Lolcats: Bloatwarez edition

Thanks, Robert!