• Lock8 Smart Bike Lock Surpasses Funding Goal

    Lock8 Smart Bike Lock Surpasses Funding Goal

    If people feel comfortable renting out their houses, and cars, to strangers, why not bikes? That’s the question that the Lock8 founders asked themselves, inevitably leading to one of the first true smart locks for bikes. Plus, Lock8 uses its smart lock, paired with a mobile app, to facilitate a peer-to-peer marketplace. Read More

  • Lock8 Brings You the First Truly Smart Bike Lock

    Lock8 Is A Smart Lock To Keep Your Bike From Being Stolen

    We now have the technology not only to digitally deter bike thieves, but also to be able to track a bike via GPS if a thief manages to take it home. That’s what Lock8, which launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, is all about. Not only is it designed to keep thieves from trying to take your bike in the first place, but if they do get it, you’ll know exactly where it is. Read More