• The Flash Drive Lock: a solution looking for a problem

    Marketed as great for civil servants, the Flash Drive Lock is a combination lock for your flash drives. Yes, you read that correctly: you place this thing over your flash drive and lock it! Now your precious data will be safe from thieves, hackers, and the TSA. No longer do you need to live in fear of losing personal data from a stolen or misplaced flash drive. Read More

  • I stoleded your Air: Air has no Kensington laptop lock slot

    Steve Rubel IMed me just now pointing out that it didn’t look like the Air has a Kensington laptop lock slot. I sent my winged monkies to investigate and they found that no, there is no lock slot. Therefore, we encourage you to use Gorilla Glue to keep thieves from stealing your sweet, sweet precious. Read More

  • Motion sensing bike lock encourages thieves to steal cars instead

    The University of Portsmouth has just unveiled a $13,000 system to help protect your crappy bike. Obviously, a bike is hard enough to replace to warrant such an extravagant security measure. The system requires a special bike rack and a motion sensor on the vehicle itself. It is then engaged via a text message to the security office. Once motion is detected the system sets off a silent alarm… Read More

  • Lock, Dock, and iPod

    Truth be told, I thought I had seen every last possible iPod accessory — until this lock came along. Seems Japanese company Elecom thought it’d be a good idea to make a three-number combination lock that plugs into the docking part of your iPod so that it won’t get stolen. First off, the cable used for the lock looks like I could cut it with a pair of scissors. Secondly… Read More