Sony LocationFree Technology Merged Into VAIO Base Station

Apparently, Sony is no longer “down” with their LocationFree technology and is looking to integrate it into its VAIO product line. The new VAIO LF-V30 Base Station costs $250 and arrives i

Patent Monkey: Mobile Social Networking Patent Sells for $2.6 Million

At the Ocean Tomo live auction last week, US Patent 6618593 sold for $2.6 million to an anonymous buyer making it a record for the purchase of a patent in a live auction. Billed as a patent to bridge

Sony's Third-Gen LocationFree Base Station Misses By That Much

SlingMedia SlingBox’s main competition currently is Sony and its line of LocationFree Base Stations. For the unfamiliar, both products let you view and control your TV via any broadband-connecte

Sony Adds Wireless LCD to LocationFree TV

You might recall a few weeks ago, we brought you news of Sony’s new LocationFree TV boxes. These fancy boxes allow you to take your analog or digital cable feed and send it via IP to your laptop