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Tack One launches an improved version of its location tracker for children and seniors

Tack One, a Singapore-based startup, wants to help make sure your kids, elderly parents and pets are safe with AI-powered location technology. Today, the company unveiled its new generation of GPS de

Tractive raises $35M as it expands GPS pet tracking to the US

Another sizable raise for a pet (cats and dogs) tracking company this morning. Austria-based Tractive has announced a $35 million Series A, led by Guidepost Growth Equity. The round is the company’s

Jiobit launches an improved version of its kid (or pet) tracker, the Jiobit Next

A Chicago-based startup, Jiobit, wanted to make a better child location tracker than the bulky smartwatches and other insecurely designed products already on the market. So in 2018, it launched its ow

TrackR is rebranding to Adero as it looks beyond small devices to track lost items

When TrackR raised $50 million from investors that included Amazon a year ago, the Santa Barbara startup made a big splash in the growing market for small connected dongles that you could attach to

Jiobit launches its more secure, modular child location tracker starting at $100

To date, child location trackers have failed to live up to consumer expectations. They’ve arrived as oversized, bulky watches too large for little wrists, and some have even been designed so ins

Jiobit finds $3 million for kid trackers that work indoors, not just at the park

Chicago startup Jiobit wants to use wireless technology to bring parents peace of mind whenever and wherever their kids may roam. Its flagship product is a location tracker that can stand up to the ro