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Radar, a location data startup, says its ‘big bet’ is on putting privacy first

Pick any app on your phone, and there’s a greater than average chance that it’s tracking your location right now. Sometimes, they don’t even tell you. Your location can be continuall

Telegram adds location-flavored extras and full group ownership transfers

Messaging platform Telegram has added a new bunch of location-based features via an update. Users of the latest version of the app will find an ‘Add People Nearby’ setting which they can u

This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent

What does consent as a valid legal basis for processing personal data look like under Europe’s updated privacy rules? It may sound like an abstract concern but for online services that rely on t

Mapping company Here buys ATS to boost its over-the-air tech

Here, the mapping company that powers location services in 100 million cars, is today announcing an acquisition to vastly improve how it distributes and updates its data. The company is buying Advance

Mischief managed: 5 hackathon hacks for Potter fans inspired by the Marauder’s Map

Great news, Potter fans: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is no longer the only place in the world where you can find a working Marauder’s Map, the magical piece of parchment that

Twitter integrates with Yelp for location tags in the UK and Japan, bypassing Foursquare

A year ago, Twitter ramped up its game in location services when it announced an integration with Foursquare to provide venue suggestions when you wanted to tag where you were tweeting. Interestingly,

SocialRadar’s PlaceKit promises more accurate location data for business and storefront locations

Online street maps have become incredibly accurate over the last few years, but most maps aren’t all that precise when it comes to knowing exactly where on a street a store, restaurant or other

Spotted Gets $14.5M For Its Crossed Paths App For Subtly Pinging Crushes

German startup Spotted, which plays in the serendipitous connections space, with a location-sensitive app that lets users view and message the people they've crossed paths with -- a la Happn -- has pu

Blockfeed App Surfaces Hyper Local News

This New York city-based startup is aggregating local news sources, from small blogs to established newspapers, geolocating relevant news stories to a hyper local location -- such as a particular stre

Nokia Buys Desti To Add AI To HERE Maps, Will Shut App Down

Nokia, now lightened of its handset load thanks to Microsoft, has made an acquisition to expand its HERE mapping business, one of the assets that has remained with the Finnish company. It has bought 

New App MyFab5 Wants To Offer Better Restaurant Recommendations By Nixing Reviews And Ratings

Restaurant discovery apps have become increasingly simple, all the better to cater to diners rendered indecisive by low blood sugar. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.urbanspoon.com">UrbanSpoon's</a

Twitter Flexes Its Location Muscle, Tests Out Highlights Of Live Events Happening Near You

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-862149" alt="twitter nearby events" src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/photo-33.png?w=169" width="169" height="300" />Yesterday we repor

OpenStreetMap App Maker Skobbler Beefs Up Its Offline iOS Maps Play, Draws Acquisition Interest In The Wake Of Waze’s Big Exit

Berlin-based map app maker Skobbler, which has its own map engine and combines it with OpenStreetMap data to power a range of navigation apps, has updated its iOS global maps app, ForeverMap 2, to add

Nokia Steps Up Its Mapping-Quest, Buys Earthmine For 3D Street Level Imaging

Nokia today is taking some big steps to upgrade its Maps division, starting with a big rebrand as <a target="_blank" href="http://here.net/">Here</a>. To beef up the service, today Nokia also announce

Recce 3D Interactive Mapping Tech Gets Its Game On: Go Deliver iOS App Is GPS-Powered Real-World Scavenger Hunt Meets Groupon

eeGeo the startup behind Recce -- a rich, interactive searchable 3D mapping platform which aggregates data feeds from other services to create an animated bird’s eye view of a city and what is going

All The Location Apps You Have To Use At The SXSW Royal Rumble

It's turning into a battle of apps at SXSW - the sheer number of location-based networking apps hoping to emerge from the conference as this year's breakout hit is nearly overwhelming. What's worse, t

Evertale, A Social Network For The Less Proactive, Gets Seed Funding From Mangrove

If you like the idea of charting your life in a diary, and possibly sharing that detail with others, but lack the motivation to do all that logging yourself, then this might just be the social network

Q&A with Gowalla Co-founder/CEO Josh Williams – Pt 2

Part two of my SXSWi 2010 conversation with Josh Williams, CEO and co-founder of Gowalla. The intent of this second round of questions was to delve a bit deeper into the company’s  monetization

GPS receivers to be embedded into SIM cards

So apparently GPS chips are getting really, really small. Small enough to fit onto tiny SIM cards, as telephony electronics company Sagem has teamed up with GPS experts BlueSky Positioning on technolo

More fodder for your privacy invasion arguments

GigaOM has a list called 5 Ways Your Gadgets Will Betray Your Privacy, which should reinforce the idea that you can pretty much be followed unless you move off the grid. And if you’ve already mo