• Localytics: More Than 20 Percent Of iPhone 3GS Owners Still Have To Upgrade To iOS 4

    In the smartphone world, it is generally a good thing to keep everyone on the latest operating systems by pushing out upgrades. To the extent that iPhone or Android can get their installed base of users on the latest and greatest OS, the more those users can enjoy new apps built to take advantage of the new features of the OS. But when it comes to pushing software upgrades, Android has the… Read More

  • TechStars Graduate Localytics Raises $700K For Mobile App Analytics Suite

    Mobile app analytics provider Localytics, a graduate of the 2009 TechStars Boston class, has scored approximately $700,000 in funding to add to the $18,000 it had received from TechStars as part of the program. The funding, which will be formally announced tomorrow, is the company’s first ‘real’ round and was led by Boston-based Launchpad Venture Group in tandem with New… Read More

  • Shocker: Blackberry App Usage Higher During Workday Than On The iPhone

    If Localytics’ latest report on app usage raised a few eyebrows here and there with its claims of iPhone app usage peaking at 9PM on weeknights, its latest study results definitely call for far less sensational headlines. But still: Localytics found that Blackberry app usage is still more concentrated and higher during the workday than iPhone, and yet statistically identical to… Read More

  • TechStars Debuts Nine Startups In Boston

    Editor’s note: The following report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing and is a business development executive for Microsoft. TechStars is a startup accelerator program that selects about ten companies and provides funding of $18,000 per team, as well as free office space, operational support, and mentoring from top investors, entrepreneurs and… Read More