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‘This is Your Life in Silicon Valley’: Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber on tech culture and Blue Bottle

Welcome to this week’s transcribed edition of This is Your Life in Silicon Valley. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts This is Your Life in Silicon Valley in words –

Justice Department charges Deep Dot Web administrators with money laundering

U.S. prosecutors have formally brought charges against the alleged co-owners and administrators of Deep Dot Web, who were arrested Tuesday. Tal Prihar, 37, and Michael Phan, 34 — both Israeli citize

What cities need to know about drones

As drones increasingly fly through our cities in the coming years -- delivering our latest order from Amazon or other on-demand retailers -- the regulation of our airspace and the environment in which

Bringing data to urban governance

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Flowers in his new role as a What Works Cities (WWC) Senior Fellow. As a What Work Cities Senior Fellow, Flowers will oversee a new Analytics Kick Star

OpenGov’s Comparisons Aims To Help Local Governments Benchmark Spending

OpenGov launched Comparisons yesterday morning, a feature that allows local and municipal governments in its network to compare their performances against other jurisdictions and established benchmar

Code For America Announces Five Companies For Accelerator Program

SeamlessDocs used to focus their product on enterprises, but CEO Jonathan Ende realized they could make a larger impact if they worked with local governments. SeamlessDocs takes any PDF and convert