• MeeVee A Ghost Town, All Employees "Inactive." LiveUniverse CEO Greenspan Still Nuts.

    (The picture makes sense once you read to the end). A former MeeVee employee emails in to say that he hasn’t received his 2008 tax forms from the company, and that no one will pick up the phone to say when he might receive them. We emailed Brad Greenspan, the CEO of parent company LiveUniverse (MeeVee was acquired in May 2008) for a comment. His response: “LiveUniverse is in… Read More

  • Was Anyone Still In Doubt Over LiveUniverse's Demise?

    There’s currently a thread on Techmeme based on this blog post from Pingdom about the downtime of most of LiveUniverse’s services for the past couple of days. We’ve been getting tips about this since last Thursday, and tried contacting founder & CEO Brad Greenspan (also the founder of MySpace) for an explanation to no avail. Pingdom caught the fact that the light has gone… Read More

  • Is Revver On The Fritz?

    We’ve been getting a lot of tips from people who have been having problems reaching the Revver website lately, getting videos uploaded or playing the ones already hosted on the platform. We haven’t paid much attention to them so far, because every time we check, the site seems up and we experience no trouble playing videos. But something is definitely up. Read More

  • LiveUniverse Buys Another Loser: Peerflix

    We’re getting reports that Peerflix, the tumultuous company that switched from acting as a DVD-swapping service to an ad network, has been acquired by Brad Greenspan’s LiveUniverse for an undisclosed amount (though we’re guessing it’s pretty low). We’ve asked LiveUniverse to comment. Peerflix was founded in 2004 as a “peer-to-peer Netflix”, helping… Read More

  • LiveUniverse Trying To Acquire Stage6 From Divx

    After we thought the bizarre story of Stage6 was over, Brad Greenspan’s LiveUniverse has gotten involved, and the plot gets even thicker. According to a release from LiveUniverse, the company offered to acquire Stage6 prior to the site being shut by DivX 25 February. The offer was $11 million in cash & carriage plus an equity Stake in Stage6 and Promotion of DivX Software. Read More

  • Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year
    First rumored in January, YouTube is definitely doing live video, and it’s happening this year. Sarah Meyers got the scoop (video above), transcript as follows care of NewTeeVee: Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. We’ll do it this year. “Live video is just something… Read More

  • Yahoo Live Done Right from MySpace founder Brad Greenspan’s company LiveUniverse is yet another live streaming service, but it combines the best of existing services with Yahoo Live style functionality for a package worth looking at. offers the following features: show archiving, so users can record shows to be played back later embedding of live streams chat associated with… Read More

  • Why Isn't BlogCharm Paying Its Bloggers?

    Launched in 2006, BlogCharm promised to pay bloggers for blogging at the site, another variation on the blog network theme. Bloggers were paid on a straight 50% rev share based on revenue made against their content from a mixture of CPM ads and Adsense units. According to a BlogCharm member who contacted TechCrunch, they have been waiting months to be paid, and despite sending multiple emails… Read More