MeeVee A Ghost Town, All Employees "Inactive." LiveUniverse CEO Greenspan Still Nuts.

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Was Anyone Still In Doubt Over LiveUniverse's Demise?

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Is Revver On The Fritz?

<img src="" /> We've been getting a lot of tips from people who have been having problems reaching the <a href="">Revver</

LiveUniverse Buys Another Loser: Peerflix

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LiveUniverse Trying To Acquire Stage6 From Divx

After we thought the bizarre story of Stage6 was over, Brad Greenspan’s LiveUniverse has gotten involved, and the plot gets even thicker. According to a release from LiveUniverse, the company of

Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year First rumored in January, YouTube is definitely doing live video, and it’s happening this year. Sarah Meyers got the scoop (video above), transcri Yahoo Live Done Right from MySpace founder Brad Greenspan’s company LiveUniverse is yet another live streaming service, but it combines the best of existing services with Yahoo Live style functionality

Why Isn't BlogCharm Paying Its Bloggers?

Launched in 2006, BlogCharm promised to pay bloggers for blogging at the site, another variation on the blog network theme. Bloggers were paid on a straight 50% rev share based on revenue made against