• Livestream's Max Haot on Entry Into the U.S.

    (Founder Stories) Livestream’s Haot: “You Have To Be Able To Say I Was Wrong & Do It In A Very Public Way”

    Have a great idea, investors lined-up and a passion for technology? If you live outside America’s borders, and weren’t born inside them, chance are slim you’ll be launching your company in New York, Silicon Valley or any other high-tech United States city unless you have deep pockets and the right paperwork. Speaking from first hand… Read More

  • Livestream's Max Haot on the Early Days

    (Founder Stories) Livestream’s Haot: “We Had The Right Product But The Wrong Vision”

    Livestream co-founder Max Haot says 30-million monthly unique viewers depend on Livestream for coverage of events ranging from Occupy Wall Street to f8. This year Livestream expects to more than double its 2010 revenue to $12.5-million and is rolling out enhancements that include a rewind in real-time option along with social media features. It’s a far cry from five years ago… Read More

  • The Teradek Cube Lets Almost Any Video Camera Livestream Over 4G (Video)

    The Teradek Cube is a sort of Livestream pack, like what we used at CES, that enables one to connect their camera of choice to the world. It’s sort of like Qik, but much, much better quality. The Cube can connect to Verizon’s LTE network, with the Pantech UML290, and WiFi. This is something that would be great for Liveblogging, and almost eliminates huge broadcasting semi-trucks. Read More

  • Livestream For Facebook Lets You DIY Live Stream Video On Fan Pages

    Livestream, the live video streaming service that has hooked up with Facebook in the past on Facebook Live, is launching another partnership with the social networking giant. From today onward brands with a Facebook fan page can manually link up their Livestream channel to their page and host live video on Facebook for the first time ever, for free. The “Livestream For Facebook”… Read More

  • Justin.TV Turns To Law Professor Eric Goldman As It Battles Live Video Piracy

    Before livestreaming video networks like Justin.TV can become attractive to advertisers, they need to deal with their piracy issues. It’s the same thing YouTube had to go through, except with live video streams. Like YouTube, complies with DMCA takedown notices and is developing digital fingerprinting technology to identify copyrighted video on its network automatically. … Read More

  • Kyte Now Offering Broadcast-Quality Live Video Streaming Backpack

    Live video streaming on the web is becoming more and more popular, and for news organizations and brands who don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars a day for a satellite truck there is another option. At SXSW, Kyte is going to release a new product called Kyte LivePro Unwired with Spin magazine. LivePro is a computer in a backpack connected to six data cards all uploading live… Read More

  • Livestream Goes Mainstream With AP Deal To Stream Video From The Oscars Red Carpet

    Livestream Goes Mainstream With AP Deal To Stream Video From The Oscars Red Carpet

    Live video streaming on the Web is finally going mainstream. Livestream, the NYC-based live video streaming startup, just landed a one-year partnership with the Associated Press to power all of the AP’s live video streams on the Web. The first event to be streamed live under the new deal will be video from the red carpet at the Oscars this Sunday. The video will be hosted by Livestream… Read More

  • The Ten Most Likely M&A Deals In Online Video

    Which online video companies will get bought in 2010?   Venture capitalists are desperately looking for exits while the usual suspects are sitting on more than $80 billion in cash: Microsoft ($20B), Apple ($40B), Google ($15B), Amazon ($3B), and Yahoo! ($3B) just to name the cash positions of a few potential acquirers.  Theoretically, it should be a match made in heaven, but the sheer number… Read More

  • Video highlights from CrunchGear's CES 2010 booth

    CrunchGear had its own booth at a CES event this year and of course we streamed all the interviews live. East Coasters may have missed out due to the late schedule though. So here they are for a second time. Daniel Brusilovsky started out the panel with a demo of mSpot video streaming Android app. But we go on to take a look Stitcher, Shapeways, a Geek Not Needed router, the L5 iPhone… Read More

  • We're live with the creator of Gran Turismo

    Check out the live stream, Devin is interviewing the creator of the Gran Turismo series. He’s photorealistc, and I hear that he’ll show damage just like a real person in this version! (edit: it’s over; we’ll get the HD video up shortly, but you can watch the interview if you skip ahead in the video player) Read More

  • The Livestream feed will be live until 5 and then again tonight from 7-10 (hopefully)

    You guys said that you want to see lots more of show floor so we’re going live for the rest of the afternoon. Devin and the Livestream guys are currently en route to Yurtopia to get ear molds made. Live! After that they plan on hitting booths until the show closes at 5. But we’re not done. Tune in before 7 to watch Doug take down 30 other technology journalists in the… Read More

  • We'll be live with Palm in about 5 minutes

    John is down at the Palm press conference, and we’ll be going live in just a few minutes. Keep your eyes open, we’ll see what they might have up their collective sleeves. Read More

  • Don't Have A Halloween Party To Go To Tonight? Watch Heidi Klum's Live.

    In case you didn’t yet realize it, tonight is Halloween. And if you didn’t yet realize it, maybe you don’t have plans yet. If not, as usual, the Internet comes to your rescue. If you’re stuck at home tonight for whatever reason, you’ll be able to load up Facebook and watch Heidi Klum’s Halloween party, streaming live. Sure, it’s not as good as being… Read More

  • Livestream Redesigns Player To Be More Twitter And Facebook Friendly

    Video streaming service Livestream, which was known as Mogulus until a few months ago, just launched a redesign of its streaming player and channels. Livestream lets anyone create and produce live webcasts through an embeddable player. The startup offers free ad-supported players and premium players, which are ad-free, can be branded and offer high quality streaming. Livestream has also made… Read More

  • Opens Its API For Free, Hopes Live Video Will Explode

    “Archive video has clearly exploded all over the internet, but live video hasn’t. We think it’s because more flexibility is needed that no single product can meet, but an open platform can.” That’s what VP of Marketing Evan Solomon tells us in announcing the opening up of the service’s API. The API, which has been in closed testing for about a… Read More

  • Launch Wars: Twitcam Beats CamTweet To Live Video Tweets

    Ten days ago at our Real Time Stream CrunchUp, demonstrated a new beta product they are working on called CamTweet. It lets you launch a live video broadcast using your computer Webcam, Tweet it out to your followers on Twitter with a link to help gather an audience, and then keep the viral Tweets going by letting the audience sign into a chat box with their Twitter accounts so… Read More

  • Redesigns To Make Broadcasting Easier And Chat More Obvious

    There’s a lot of live video streaming competition out there right now, but remains the biggest. And it’s looking to hold that lead with a redesign launching today, along with some new features. The new site has an overall cleaner and simplified look. And simplification is the key to another big change: The addition of big front page broadcaster. When you first load up… Read More

  • Mogulus Rebrands With A Killer Domain:

    When Mogulus launched in 2007, few people understood its name. Most people still don’t because, quite frankly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Or I should say, didn’t make a lot of sense — because beginning today, the service has been completely rebranded as something much more obvious: Livestream. Mogulus is making the change because it feels like the entire field… Read More