Facebook poisons the acquisition well

Who should you sell your startup to? Facebook and the founders of its former acquisitions are making a strong case against getting bought by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. After a half-decade of being seen

Facebook’s LiveRail Is Pulling Out Of The Ad Serving Business

Facebook is narrowing the focus of the LiveRail ad platform that it acquired in 2014 — the company says it will no longer be accepting new customers to LiveRail’s ad serving business. Facebook

With New Support For Mobile Ads, Facebook’s LiveRail Isn’t Just For Video Anymore

Facebook is expanding <a target="_blank" href="">LiveRail</a>, <a href="">the video ad platform that it acquired last year</a

Facebook Combines Atlas, Audience Network, And LiveRail Into An AdTech Voltron

Facebook’s plot for ad domination is coming to fruition. Today at Facebook headquarters, its ad execs explained how two years of seemingly isolated launches and acquisitions are melding into a p

Facebook Acquires LiveRail For $400M To $500M To Serve Video Ads Everywhere, Improve Its Own

Facebook has just bought video ad tech startup LiveRail, which connects marketers to publishers on web and mobile to target 7 billion video ads to visitors per month. A source tells us Facebook paid b

Video Ad Tech Startup LiveRail Is Targeting A Late 2014 IPO Thanks To $100 Million Revenue Run Rate

Over the past year, video ad startup <a target="_blank" href="">LiveRail</a> has seen its share of the ad market increase and has seen revenues grow 300 percent year-over-year.

LiveRail Lets iPhone Developers Put Commercials In Apps, Get Paid

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> Since the launch of Apple's App Store, devel