Some One Call A Lawyer: Live Documents Clones Microsoft Office

Live Documents, the startup founded by Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia that said it was going to war with Microsoft with its online Office suite wasn’t kidding, with screenshots showing that th

While Live Documents Yaps, Zoho Delivers

While some startups issue boastful press releases promising the world, India and Silicon Valley based Zoho is actually doing the software thing. This morning they launched full offline access for Zoho

Live Documents To Break Microsoft…We'll See

New product press releases unencumbered by the complexities of releasing actual software set off alarm bells. And when those press releases are so boastful as to suggest that the (unlaunched) product

Live Documents is Powerful Stuff

A new service called Live Documents allows Windows PC users with Office already installed on their computer to synchronize documents across multiple users over the Internet. The service works currentl