• FriendFeed and The Future Of Distributed Conversations

    Interview with FriendFeed
    Steve Gillmor and I did a video interview with Bret Taylor from FriendFeed. There are some interesting responses and content in here and it expands on a few points that were discussed during a panel today at the Supernova 2008 conference. To begin with, Bret states that they re-thought how FriendFeed could work as a communication tool, and are contemplating supporting… Read More

  • A thought on "liveblogging"

    [photopress:wwdcjobs1.jpg,full,center]We’re liveblogging tomorrow morning’s Keynote. Gizmodo’s liveblogging it. GeekBrief is liveblogging it. Everyone is, really. And that makes me think that the Macworld 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs might just be the single more liveblogged thing in history so far. Just how geeky have we become? Read More

  • CES 2008: Bill Gates keynote liveblog replay, now with tons of photos!

    While our liveblogging software worked wonders, our wireless connection did not. Thanks, CES, for repeatedly holding the keynotes in places surrounded by electronic interference and wall after wall of signal-reducing crap. Anyway, here are the photos we couldn’t get to you live, and we’re sorry we could not. Also is the replay, so you can follow along step-by-step, like you were there! Read More