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Live From Facebook’s ‘New Product’ Mystery Announcement

Just last week, a small chunk of the tech press was surprised to find invitations for a Facebook announcement waiting in their mailbox. "A small team has been working on a big idea," it read. Th

Join CrunchGear for today's Apple notebook event

We hope that you will join us here for today’s Apple event. Why CrunchGear? Well, our system does not force you to refresh the page for the latest news like some other gadget blogs which resul

Blogging live from 37,000 feet via Aircell's Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on American Airlines

I find myself on AA flight #3 headed to LAX from NY’s JFK. Today marks the first day of Aircell’s Gogo inflight service going live for the masses. It will be available on flights from NYC to LA, M

Live Bloggin: AT&T Media Luncheon

I’m at the AT&T media luncheon listening to the usual shpeal. Reiterating what we already know about AT&T, the US carrier is committed to openness and choice, which is what consumers wan