Lithium Unveils First Plans For Klout: Pop-Up Communities And A Klout Score For Products

If you're wondering what Lithium Technologies is going to do with Klout, the social influence measurement startup that it <a href="">acqui

Lithium To Acquire Social Influence Scoring Site Klout For $200M

Social customer service company Lithium Technologies will announce on Thursday morning that it has acquired Klout for almost $200 million in cash and private stock, says Fortune.

Lithium Raises $50M In Mezzanine Round For Online Community Development Platform

<p dir="ltr"><a target="_blank" href="">Lithium</a> has raised $50 million from a group of unnamed investors in what the company is calling pre-IPO mezzanine financing. Lithium

"The Best Chance To Beat Gasoline:" An Excerpt From Seth Fletcher's Bottled Lightning

<img src="">Lithium: it's everywhere and we know nothing about it. It powers our phones, our compute

New battery technology lasts up to 7 times as longer than traditional batteries

Once upon a time, I was at some press conference somewhere dealing with laptops and someone in the audience asked why battery technology hasn’t improved. The exec on stage replied something to t

Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Fire-Prone Notebook Batteries

Dell announced a recall of 4.1 million notebook computer batteries, warning users that it’s possible they could catch fire. Although company didn’t say the batteries would explode, it did