Speech recognition works for kids, and it’s about time

Speech recognition holds tremendous promise for something desperately needed in the era of COVID-19: technology that can significantly improve reading outcomes and tackle the global literacy crisis in

Microsoft’s Reading Progress makes assessing reading levels easier for kids and teachers

Among the many, many tasks required of grade school teachers is that of gauging each student’s reading level, usually by a time-consuming and high-pressure one-on-one examination. Microsoft&#821

Duolingo’s new app teaches children how to read and write

Until now, Duolingo‘s focus was always squarely on teaching languages, but today, the company launched Duolingo ABC, a free English literacy app for children ages 3 to 6. Originally, the company

Empathy technologies like VR, AR and social media can transform education

In The Better Angels of Our Nature, Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker makes the case for reading as a “technology for perspective-taking” that has the capacity to not only evoke people’s empath

Facebook expands ‘Community Boost’ digital skills training program to Europe

Facebook has announced it's expanding a free training program that teaches Internet-skills, media literacy and online safety to Europe. It says its "ambition" is to train 300,000 people across six EU

Literacy XPRIZE starts field tests of semifinalist apps in LA, Philadelphia and Dallas

Literacy is a serious problem all over the world -- even in our little utopia. While a touch-up of our education and support systems would probably be the best fix in the long term, we all know that's

Newsela rolls out Library to help students read beyond the news

When Newsela was created in 2012, the edtech startup aimed to help students master reading at their own pace, specifically with news articles adapted to different reading levels. The company’s a

Mobile Devices Can Dramatically Improve Literacy Rates In Developing Countries, Says UNESCO

A new report by UNESCO says that mobile devices can boost literacy rates in developing countries, potentially reaching almost all of the world's population. Furthermore, an expensive tablet or smartph

Atlassian And Room To Read Have Raised $3M To Help Educate Children In Developing Countries

As mobile devices become increasingly common, the world's largest tech companies are focused on grabbing the next billion users by targeting developing economies. But the excitement over the masses

Developed By Literacy Experts, Learn With Homer Launches On The iPad To Change How Kids Learn To Read

Stephanie Dua spent the last ten years pushing for educational reform, first as the CEO of the Fund for Public Schools under former Chancellor of New York's Department of Education, Joel Klein, and Ca

One Kindle per child: who are they helping?

<img src="" alt="" title="kindle.jpg" width="82" height="138" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-126329" />I was pretty bullish on the

Video games now seen as ruining English children's literacy rates

More doom and gloom news as it relates to video games. People are freaking out in England because their position in the World Reading League Table dropped several places, which means English kids can&