B.J. Novak’s “The List App” rebrands to, arrives on Android

When B.J. Novak, best known for exec producing, writing and starring as Ryan on “The Office,” teamed up with Dev Flaherty to create a mobile application that allowed people to create lis

Google To Start Displaying Knowledge Graph Carousel To Users Globally

Google's Knowledge Graph has become a useful tool when you're searching for things that interest you. There are a few reasons why it's a handy feature, but most of all it provides context to what you'

Top 10 Greatest U.S. Digital Media M&A Deals Of All Time

Back in November 2006, I published the <a href="">Top 10 Greatest Internet Digital Media M&A Deals of All Time</a>.  It included eBay's $1.5 billion acquis

Top 10 fictional swords? More like bottom 10

I can’t say I agree with this guy’s list of awesome swords. The Headless Horseman’s weak sword? Come on. Go tell this guy what he’s missing – for example Japanese swords

Five incredibly annoying features of modern day video games

1UP, only slightly more credible than “7-10” IGN, has compiled a list of dumb gaming trends that annoy it so, so much. Among them, pay-to-unlock features (see The Godfather for Xbox 360),

But Will These Gadgets Pass Airport Screening?

Dethroner has posted a Top 10 list of essential gadgets for traveling. Some of them, like the Voltaic Solar Backpack, are familiar goodies that have been seen around the blogosphere. Others, like the