liquid cooling

Asetek Shows Off Liquid Cooled Mac Pro

The Mac Pro isn’t exactly known for being a terribly loud computer, but I guess you can make it even quieter by adding liquid cooling. Of course, it’s not Apple approved so adding this typ

Apple patent for liquid cooled portable computer submitted

What do we have here, kiddies. Was Apple trying to slip one past us by submitting this tasty patent for a liquid cooled portable on Thanksgiving? This patent that may, or may not, see production desc

Four-card ATI Crossfire Array Liquid Cooled In Taipei

Lots of reference designs coming out of Taipei this week at Computex. Adding to that list is CoolIT Systems‘ factory-sealed, maintenance-free liquid-cooling system for AMD’s ATI Crossfire

G5 Coolant Leak Destroys Mac

Over on the Mactalk forums, user macdave posted a picture of his G5’s coolant leak. The results are not pretty. His logicboard, power supply, coolant system, and processors were all destroyed an

OCZ Releases Water-Cooled RAM

Heatsinks and spreaders are things of the past; OCZ has released memory modules with water-cooling. The core design element of OCZ’s Flex XLC Edition memory modules is the option of water-cooling. T

Vigor Monsoon II Lowers CPU Temps Without All The Liquid-Cooling Tubes

While Intel and AMD might be doing more to lower the operating temperatures of their processors, overclocking them still causes some high temps, especially if the case is chockfull of other performanc